Jonatan Jorge wins in Daytona with brilliant performance.

Brazilian driver Jonatan Jorge (Montoya Racing/ Edgewater Construction/TL Racing) provided a thrilling experience to the crowd present at the renowned Daytona Speedway, this past Sunday, during the 3rd race of the Formula Dodge Skip Barber - Southern Series.

Jorge started the race at the 13th spot in the grid and quickly made his way to the front of the pack, crossing the finish line in 2nd place - .29 seconds behind first place Cristiano Piquet. In the 4th race, which also took place on Sunday, Jorge dueled again with Piquet until the seventh lap, when Jorge secured the lead and began distancing himself from the other drivers.

However, an accident involving three cars brought the race to a halt, which caused the competitors to be in close proximity to one another. In the re-start, Jorge and Piquet initiated a battle that was crowned with a brilliant strategy from Jorge, who made use of aerodynamic draft - so prominent in Daytona - and received the checkered flag .96 seconds ahead of Piquet.

"I arrived [in Daytona] with my mind set on overcoming the hardships of a small budget - as mine only allowed me to participate in two, 10-lap sessions... a lot less than most drivers here. I had to learn how to make use of [aerodynamic] draft during the races, not to mention that I had engine problems during qualifying. But I feel very happy and privileged to have the support of my sponsors, and I hope to continue to give the adequate response to the confidence they have placed in me."