WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. – Canadian teenager Marc-Antoine Camirand stopped David Besnard's qualifying domination in the U.S. F2000 National Championship by topping the qualifying times in preparation for Saturday's second half of the F2000 doubleheader at the Watkins Glen International Parts America 150 Weekend.

Camirand, 18, of St. Leonard D'Aston, Quebec, turned a lap of 1:14.686 (118.094 mph) to eclipse Zak Morioka's 1997 qualifying record of 1:14.688 by just 0.002-second and take his first-career pole. Camirand, driving the No. 96 KeyTours Van Diemen Ford, ran his first F2000 race two weeks ago at Homestead, and had qualified second in each of his three previous races.

"The track is much faster now that it has rained a bit," said the French-Canadian. "My engineers did a great job and I look forward to being on the inside of the front tow tomorrow, as opposed to the outside."

Besnard, who won Friday's race, had previously scored four-straight poles in the No. 13 Primus Racing Karts Van Diemen Ford, and had newly-crowned Indy 500 Rookie of the Year Steve Knapp's record of seven-straight in sight. Besnard's time of 1:14.701 (118.070 mph) was just 0.015-second off Camirand's time.

"I'm sad to see the streak end, but then again I'm happy for Marc-Antoine – he deserves it," said Besnard. "My car wasn't great – it had a push. I tried to change it with the sway bar, but it didn't help much."

Besnard's teammate, 18-year-old Sam Hornish Jr., of Defiance, Ohio, enjoyed his best qualifying effort to date and will start third after a lap of 1:14.962 (117.659 mph).

"My car had a bad push too," said Hornish Jr. of the No. 7 Primus Racing Karts Van Diemen Ford. "We tried to soften it and play with the wings, but it blistered the tires. We'll figure it out and be good for tomorrow."

Rounding out the top-five are Anthony Simone, of Stouffville, Ont., Can., and Ryan Hampton, of Glendora, Calif.

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. -- Starters for the 20-lap, 49.0-mile U.S. F2000 National Championship Round Six race, part of the Parts America 150 Weekend at Watkins Glen International, with starting position, car number in parenthesis, driver, hometown, class, car, time and speed in miles-per-hour. 1. (96), Marc Antoine Camirand, St.Lnrd.D'Aston, Que., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:14.686, 118.094. 2. (13), David Besnard, Sydney, Australia, F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:14.701, 118.070. 3. (7), Sam Hornish Jr., Defiance, Ohio, F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:14.962, 117.659. 4. (95), Anthony Simone, Stouffville, Ont., Can., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:15.090, 117.459. 5. (88), Ryan Hampton, Glendora, Calif., F2A, Tatuus Ford, 1:15.135, 117.388. 6. (2), Robby McGehee, St. Louis, Mo., F2A, Tatuus Ford, 1:15.429, 116.931. 7. (8), Mike Johnson, Gainsville, Ga., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:15.530, 116.774. 8. (28), Jonathan Bottoms, Buffalo, N.Y., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:15.620, 116.635. 9. (5), Andy Lally, Northport, N.Y., F2A, Bowman BC5 Ford, 1:15.860, 116.266. 10. (11), Steve Rikert, Rhinebeck, N.Y., F2A, Tatuus Ford, 1:15.970, 116.098. 11. (77), Jon Herb, Indianapolis, Ind., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.009, 116.038. 12. (24), Ryan Jones, Honeoye Falls, N.Y., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.047, 115.980. 13. (34), Tim Duit, Edmond, Okla., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.137, 115.843. 14. (51), Greg LeMond, Medina, Minn., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.294, 115.605. 15. (4), Duncan Dayton, North Salem, N.Y., F2A, Bowman BC5 Ford, 1:16.439, 115.386. 16. (78), Ryan Walker, Okemos, Mich., F2A, Tatuus Ford, 1:16.444, 115.378. 17. (52), Bobby Oergel, Palmetto, Fla., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.453, 115.365. 18. (66), Larry Oberto, Seattle, Wash., F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.516, 115.27. 19. (71), Michael Durand, Wayland, Mass., F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.531, 115.247. 20. (64), Rolando Quintanilla, Nuevo Larado, Mexico, F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.703, 114.989. 21. (25), Christian Coggins, Atlanta, Ga., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.778, 114.876. 22. (18), George Forgeois, New York, N.Y., F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.845, 114.776. 23. (15), Ric Rushton, Santa Fe, N.M., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.938, 114.637. 24. (6), Joey Scarallo, Hauppauge, N.Y., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:16.942, 114.631. 25. (30), Alejandro Garcia, Venezuela, F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:17.041, 114.484. 26. (33), Jeff Smith, Terre Haute, Ind., F2A, Tatuus Ford, 1:17.202, 114.245. 27. (22), James Yott, Montreal, Quebec, Can., F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:17.368, 114.000. 28. (26), Mike Williams, Hayden Lake, Idaho, F2A, Van Diemen Ford, 1:17.473, 113.846. 29. (75), Guy Cosmo, Bohemia, N.Y., F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:17.539, 113.749. 30. (49), Howie Liebengood, Vienna, Va., F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:17.726, 113.475. 31. (23), Dean Oppermann, Pottstown, Pa., F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:17.766, 113.417. 32. (90), Bob Wright, Old Chatham, N.Y., F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:18.160, 112.845. 33. (55), Wilmer Valentin, Bayamon, Puerto Rico, F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:18.966, 111.693. 34. (9), Dana LaLiberte, Ann Arbor, Mich., F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:19.016, 111.623. 35. (17), Robert Lisey, Wadsworth, Ohio, F2B, Van Diemen Ford, 1:21.498, 108.223.