The Essen Motor Show in Germany was the venue for the first public appearance of the new ISSC car from Reynard. Drivers, teams and race fans all visited the stand to see the car which will train the next generation of Grand Prix drivers.

The car is destined to run in a fully international European series in 2001 and will attract drivers from Formula 3 and other national racing championships.

ISSC test driver Guy Smith was on hand to discuss the performance of the new car with potential competitors. "It's great fun to drive" he told them. "As we were testing on a wet track, it was easy to get the car sideways. However, it was always completely predictable and easy to bring back onto line. It is a long time since I drove a car with such neutral handling. I can't wait to get back in the car and continue testing."

In addition to Guy, representatives from the car builders Reynard, parts suppliers VIT-RTS and series organisers European Racing Organisation were on the stand to discuss the ISSC with competitors.

Already, seven of the initial run of twenty cars are spoken for, and organisers hope to release a list of involved teams soon.

the racing calendar, which is believed to include several grand-prix circuits, will be released shortly after it has received FIA approval.