As the end of another successful year approaches, Formula Master teams have hailed the Series' 2008 engine, together with its reliability and performance, a complete success.

With 16 races throughout the season, as well as ten testing days, the Formula Master single-seaters have completed in excess of 150,000 km, without a single engine problem, forfeiting any expected engine check requests from teams.

The Formula Master engine was introduced at the beginning of the year, designed and manufactured by LRM, Mugen Euro and N.Technology engineers, Super 2000 engine experts, specifically for the Series. The engine's entire layout was designed with engineers focusing on reducing weight, ensuring reliability and increasing performance.

A new air intake system was introduced with four dry-by-wire throttles, new pistons and conrods as well as a new dry sump. This was combined with the Magneti Marelli hydraulic system, which featured a new gearbox and clutch actuator alongside the new Magneti Marelli data logging system (with Wintax analysis software).

The resulting additional torque, together with engine power becoming available at lower engine revs, was collectively praised by Formula Master drivers throughout the paddock. This enabled the Series' car to become the quickest 2.0 litre single-seater at all circuits visited throughout the 2008 season.

Developments are now planned for the upcoming season, including the introduction of a new exhaust system on the car. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) will be reprogrammed in order to increase the overall efficiency of the car, whilst the car's torque at low-to-mid revs will also be increased.

Additional engine developments are also set to take place, at no cost to Formula Master teams thanks to the Series' strong collaboration with LRM. The Novara-based factory is working alongside Magneti Marelli on new software, with initial tests showing strong reliability and performance.

As a result, all teams will be allowed just one engine rebuilt per car per season in 2009, whilst the unit's performance levels achieved in 2008 are set to be maintained throughout the coming year. This ensures a reduction in running costs for the Series' teams, whilst drivers will be guaranteed identical equipment.

"2008 was a very strong year for the Series," explained Formula Master General Manager Alessandro Alunni Bravi. "We received great feedback from teams and drivers, especially regarding engine performance and reliability, with no engine failures during the season.

"We'd also like to thank LRM's Maximilano Petriglieri, whose commitment to the Series and superb workmanship enables us to achieve such a cost-effective racing package. The real winning ratio of performance, reliability whilst being cost effective is a target Formula Master has already reached thanks to the new 2009 rules and update kit."