Formula Master unveiled imaging from chassis-designer Tatuus' technical research behind the Series' recently-announced 2009 update kit today.

The updated package includes a new engine cover, a redesigned rear wing with a lower main profile as well as new end plates. Aimed at improving the overall efficiency of the car, better interaction is accomplished between the underfloor of the Formula Master racer and its new wing, thanks to a lower drag of the rear wing and higher downforce.

A smoother air-flow is achieved over the new bodywork's surface, shown in the photos included, as well as improved suction of the air flowing from the car's underfloor to the updated rear wing.

"We are constantly looking at how to update the car and the evaluation we have carried out from these changes are very encouraging so far," said Tatuus co-owner Artico Sandona. "The next test will tell us more on the extent to which the car's efficiency is increased with this new aerodynamic package, but we expect to improve the overall speed by several seconds."

The 2009 update kits, which also include air brake ducts, a new exhaust system and updated engine software is expected to allow the Formula Master car to lap, on average, 3-4 seconds faster than a Formula 3 single-seater.

The upgrade will be delivered to teams in February, before official testing begins on 1-2 March at Valencia, Spain.