Maiden win Van der Drift in Formula Master, De Bruijn sixth

At the street circuit of Pau, racing driver, Chris van der Drift, clinched his first victory in the new International Formula Master category. The driver from Rotterdam came out on top in the first race of the weekend on the 2.67 kilometres long circuit in the south of France, where fellow-Dutchman Nick de Bruijn finished a creditable sixth.

In the second race, Van der Drift couldn't race because of a technical problem. De Bruijn looked well underway towards a good result, but was given a drive-through penalty which left him out of contention.

Race 1: A good start allowed Chris van der Drift to climb up into fourth place fairly quickly. As Mexican Avila came off the track in a duel with Italian Persiani for the lead, van der Drift was already third. After that, he was able to take the lead as Persiani and G0x00f6tz collided on the main straight. Later on, van der Drift drove victory home without any problems. Nick de Bruijn drove a nice race, in which he made quite some progress and came home in sixth place.

Chris van der Drift: "Fantastic, my first victory in this category! After all the problems we had at Valencia, now everything was running fine. I just clipped the tyre barrier once, but fortunately, that didn't cause any problems."

Nick de Bruijn: "I am not entirely satisfied with this result, but it is a good thing that we were finally able to drive without problems and could do a lot of work on the set-up throughout the weekend."

Race 2: On his way to the starting grid, Chris van der Drift already noticed that his gearbox was stuck in fourth gear. After that, he parked his car in the pits. Nick de Bruijn started third and defended his position without any problems in a chaotic race with two safety-car interventions and a red flag. At the re-start after the second safety-car, the two drivers in front of De Bruijn braked and he had to overtake them to avoid a collision. To his own astonishment, De Bruijn was called in by the stewards for a drive-through penalty. After that, he still made up a few places, but he couldn't do any better than twelfth.

Chris van der Drift: "There is no way to race without being able to change gears. Too bad, I thought the problems were finally over."

Nick de Bruijn: "At the re-start, the two drivers in front of me braked, which should have been penalised. I had nowhere to go and got a penalty myself. That was not right at all"