Bad luck unfortunately prevented Coloni Motorsport from dominating also the race of the Italian F3 at Varano (I): after the leadership in test, free practice and qualifying, the cars of the Italian team were in fact stopped by two unlucky episodes and then a historic one-two result vanished.

Both Marco Bonanomi --the pole sitter- and Christian Montanari made an excellent start and Christian immediately did pass Mazzoleni: on the first corner the two Lola-Dome were leading the field. The pace set by the Coloni's duo was unbeatable: after only three laps Bonanomi and Montanari were leading the race with a lead of almost 4 seconds, with the two drivers setting alternatively the fastest lap in race.

At nine laps to go the bad luck hit hard: Christian Montanari, after having been delayed by lapped cars on the previous laps, was pushing to the max to catch up when on the "Ickx" corner --due to the dirt brought on track by other cars- his single-seater went straight and spun. Montanari's race was over before the time.

After one lap, misfortune hit again Marco Bonanomi: the Italian was running first with a lead of over 14 seconds, when suddenly the engine began to have problems. Afterwards the engine did stop and Coloni Motorsport's technicians immediately individuated the reason, a malfunction of the fuel-pump electric cable

There's no need to say that Coloni Motorsport is disappointed for a victory, or better still a one-two result, which vanished only because of the bad luck: free practice, qualifying and the most part of the race was exclusive hunting ground of Coloni's Lola-Dome / Mugen-Honda. But a certainty still remains: the extreme competitiveness of the F106 and of the two drivers of Coloni, the real stars of Varano race.

Coloni Motorsport is now preparing himself for the Italian F3000 Grand Prix at Monza, scheduled on September 12th and 13th.

Marco Bonanomi, ret : "We were quite unlucky; at 5 laps to go I was running first with a lead of 15 seconds, the race was almost over. But then I began to have troubles with my engine and a few after I had to stop. What a pity, because winning here would have been wonderful and we could have reopened the championship".

Christian Montanari, ret : "Towards the end of the race I was running second and I was pushing to catch up after having been slowed by some lapped drivers; I was going very good and the car was really good, I set also the fastest lap, but then I made a little mistake and because of the dirt too I went straight. Now the championship looks to be compromised, but the fight is not over yet".