FNIPPON: Suzuka results

Results of Formula Nippon Round 1 April 28,1996 Suzuka Circuit Weather Conditions: Sunny, Hot PosNo Driver Car Laps Time 1 19 Kazuyoshi Hoshino LolaT96/95 Mugen 34 1:01'47.773(193.58km/h)...

Results of Formula Nippon Round 1 April 28,1996 Suzuka Circuit Weather Conditions: Sunny, Hot PosNo Driver Car Laps Time 1 19 Kazuyoshi Hoshino LolaT96/95 Mugen 34 1:01'47.773(193.58km/h) 2 8 Shinji Nakano Dome F104i Mugen 34 -6.496 3 25 Ralf Schumacher Reynard96D Mugen 34 -11.145 4 21 Michael Krumm Reynard95D Mugen 34 -16.383 5 9 Pedro de la Rosa LolaT96/51 Mugen 34 -17.998 6 55 Katsutomo Kaneishi Reynard95D Mugen 34 -30.712 7 56 Satoshi Motoyama Reynard95D Mugen 34 -32.205 8 24 Naoki Hattori Reynard96D Mugen 34 -36.610 9 2 Katsumi Yamamoto Dome F104i Mugen 34 -36.837 10 7 Masami Kageyama LolaT95/50 Mugen 34 -55.006 11 31 Hideki Okada LolaT95/50 Mugen 34 -59.692 12 5 Marco Apicella Reynard95D Judd 34 -59.994 13 30 Eiichi Tajima LolaT94 Mugen 33 -1 lap 14 10 Norberto Fontana LolaT96/51 Mugen 33 -1 lap 15 17 Taichiro Onishi LolaT94/50 Mugen 33 -1 lap 16 12 Yukihiro Hane LolaT94/50 Mugen 33 -1 lap 17 73 Tetsuji Tamanaka LolaT93 Ford 31 -3 laps 18 1 Toshio Suzuki LolaT96/94 Mugen 30 -4 laps DNF 19 64 Toranosuke Takagi Reynard96D Mugen 25 -9 laps 20 72 Atsushi Kawamoto LolaT93 Ford 25 -9 laps 21 28 Masahiko Kondo Reynard94D Mugen 24 -10 laps 22 6 Hidetoshi Mitsusada LolaT94/50 Judd 21 -13 laps 23 65 Takuya Kurosawa Reynard96D Mugen 17 -17 laps 24 20 Andrew Gilbert-Scott Reynard96D Mugen 17 -17 laps 25 27 Masahiko Kageyama Reynard95D Mugen 6 -28 laps

Fastest Lap: 21 Michael Krumm 1'46.278 on Lap 32

The race was shortened one lap with a slight confusion in the starting procedure. Nakano made a tremendous start from the fourth grid into the first corner followed by Hoshino, Krumm, Takagi, Suzuki and Yamamoto. Takagi was the man on the move who promptly took Krumm and Hoshino to close the gap on the leading Dome which was now four seconds away.

The big drama came on lap 26 when fast approaching PIAA Reynard bumped into the back of Nakano's avex Dome in the chicane, and that enabled third placed Hoshino to sling past the youngsters who both spun and leap into the lead. Nakano went on in the second place while furious Takagi walked out of the car which suffered from the bent right rear suspension.

The race was decided right then. Hoshino, who slammed Takagi after the race for the reckless driving, was the winner. Nakano was happy in second. Ralf Schumacher played a conservative game to finish third, and his countryman Krumm proved himself his speed and placed a year old Reynard in fourth with de la Rosa credible fifth. Kaneishi brought home the final point.

His young teammate Motoyama clocked some fast times on his way to the seventh finish in his debut race.

Fontana made a contact with another car somewhere in the opening laps and changed the nose in the pits whereupon he sped in the pitlane. He incured a ten second stop penalty a few laps later. The Argentine finished fourteenth. Gilbert-Scott's race ended prematurely in the pits.

If there were a rookie of the year category in this series, Schumacher would become a leader with de la Rosa second and Motoyama third.

The crowd was sizable, 51,000, the weather was beautiful, the race itself was okay so it could be described as the successful launch of the new formula.

Next round will be in Mine, May11-12.

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