Double win for Vitaly Petrov

21-year old Russian Vitaly Petrov in 2005 becomes the first man who has won two national championships during one season, using two different cars. Driver from Vyborg (near St. Petersburg) took titles in Formula-1600 and sportcars Lada Revolution categories with overall 13 wins in 26 starts.

The beginning of the season was not easy for Vitaly, because his Dallara-Lada in F1600 was not reliable. But after an impressive series of wins and podium finishes in the second half of the championship Petrov caught up leaders. The title had to decide in the very last race of the whole season. Vitaly won pole position and led from start to finish - and gained Russian Champion title.

A day before he became Russian sportprototype "Lada Revolution" winner, where situation was not so thrilled and Petrov had a confident lead before the final race. But nevertheless young pilot once again proved his outstanding speed and performance - and added one more win to his record.

No one driver in the previous history of Russian and Soviet autosport obtained two titles in different car categories during one season.