Aspen, CO (March 6, 2002) -- Fran-Am Sport today announced the formation of Fran-Am Canada to oversee the series' involvement throughout Canada. Fran-Am Canada, headed by long-time Canadian motorsports stalwarts Andrew Field and John Kolody, was instrumental in securing the Canadian rounds of the 2002 Fran-Am 2000 North American Pro Championship rounds at the Molson Indy Vancouver and Mosport CASCAR race.

In addition, Fran-Am Canada has been charged with distributing Fran-Am cars and parts as well as assisting with further Fran-Am 2000 race dates throughout Canada. The group also will establish a professional Fran-Am 1600 Canadian series in 2003.

"We've had so much interest in the series from Canadian drivers and teams that it was a natural extension to have a separate base of operations in Canada," said Arden Weatherford, Fran-Am Sport's director of operations. "Andrew and John have already put a tremendous amount of effort into securing a number of dates for this year's 2000 series championship. They believe in our product and share in our philosophy of providing an affordable, fair and professional racing series to all competitors."

"We're very excited about the Fran-Am series and bringing it into the Canadian market," said Field, president of Fran-Am Canada. "Over the next few years, we hope to bring some of the most exciting motor racing in the world to Canada with the Fran-Am series. It's a tremendous opportunity for Canadian drivers, and surely the series will be positioned to spectators across the country at some of Canada's finest motor racing events."

Field has spent more than 32 years in Canadian motorsport as a driver, team owner, promoter, and marketing specialist. His background includes overseeing the motorsport operations of Hankook Tire Corporation, as well as assisting with the careers of Greg Moore, Ross Bentley and Kees Nierop. Most recently, Field was appointed as the director of marketing for the SCCBC, who own and operate the River's Edge Racecourse in Mission, B.C.

John Kolody has a similarly varied and extensive motorsport background having spent some 23 years in Canadian road racing. He has been a driver, engineer and team owner and as president of Guyons Racing in Calgary Alberta, he is particularly excited about Fran-Am Canada. "This, is indeed the high point of my career," Kolody says. "We have never seen this kind of opportunity for Canadian drivers before. The cars are amazing and the racing is going to be great. It's just what this country, in fact, just what North America needs."

Guyon Racing, under Kolody, will assume responsibility for car and parts sales plus other technical roles associated with Fran-Am's operations

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