12/14/2001 - The first Fran-Am 1600 car was delivered to team MMI Kart Racing and tested at Buttonwillow Raceway on Tuesday.

Left to right:Arden Weatherford of Fran-Am, Telo Stewart of World Speed, Michael McDowell MMI driver and Bill Mayer MMI team owner. Photo: franam.

MMI driver Michael McDowell logged many trouble free miles, acclimating quickly to an all new car.

World Speed Motorsports prepared and maintained the car for the test.

Also driving the Fran-Am 1600 was Andy Lally, who said the car was a blast to drive.

Team MMI will be campaigning the car in the 2002 Fran-Am 1600 West Coast Championship.

2002 West Coast Fran-Am 1600 Schedule:
Aug 4 Thunderhill
Sep Tbc Portland
Sep 29 Phoenix Firebird
Oct 13 Buttonwillow
Oct 27 Las Vegas
Nov 10 Sears Point
Nov 24 Willow Springs
Dec 1 Phoenix Firebird Fran-Am Finals