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Front suspension diagram Rear drive train and suspension diagram
3rd placed Team Devon 4x4 of Simon Buck and Dave Cook The Lada Niva in all its glorious standardness
Nico Ladang Arie Luyendyk Jr. crashes heavily
At the Ladoga Trophy startline Sergei Khalzev's amazing prototype
The Belgian G4 Discovery attracting some attention TR3 class winner Roman Briskindov inching through a bog
Side profile Famous Ladoga mud
TR3 class winner Roman Briskindov balancing on a rock Proto class winner, Finland's Kari Sihvonen trying hard
Winner of the Adventure class Yuri Selifonov
Boros Csaba, Hungary In action
The Mint 400 action Rear articulation
Edvins Vansovic 50 meters from the end of the last stage
Massimo Magri trying hard
Kevin Mallia The Estonian beer truck
Rear view
Jürgen Meier
Proto class winners Roman Briskindov / Sergei Volkov Second placed Rick Mooneyham
Winners Jim Marsden and Wayne Smith At home on sand, in mud and in water
Philon Parpottas struggling with the mud
TR2 Toyota Land Cruiser in the Dune Race Not much to winch to in the bogs
Proto class winner, Finland's Kari Sihvonen
Fun... for 8 days! Alexey Golubev
Russian Protos... at home in the bog Trophy vehicles need constant attention
30 meters from the start and a 4ft wall... Belgium's Peter Leeman's checking the oil
Chest high water crossings is no exaggeration. This is the 'Light' class 40 metres high, soft sand and only bushes at the top.. harder than it sounds!