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Front suspension diagram The Lada Niva in all its glorious standardness
3rd placed Team Devon 4x4 of Simon Buck and Dave Cook Rear drive train and suspension diagram
Sergei Khalzev's amazing prototype Robby Gordon
Robby Gordon Apdaly Lopez
Arie Luyendyk Jr. crashes heavily Robby Gordon
Nico Ladang TR3 class winner Roman Briskindov inching through a bog
The Belgian G4 Discovery attracting some attention At the Ladoga Trophy startline
Scotty Steele Nick Vanis
Paul Tracy Sheldon Creed
Paul Tracy Side profile
Boros Csaba, Hungary Apdaly Lopez
Apdaly Lopez Aaron Bambach
Scotty Steele Famous Ladoga mud
Bill Hynes Apdaly Lopez
Sheldon Creed The Mint 400 action
Apdaly Lopez Scotty Steele
Sheldon Creed TR2 Toyota Land Cruiser in the Dune Race
Sheldon Creed Karl Frost and David Needham started well...
Scotty Steele Aaron Bambach
Proto class winner, Finland's Kari Sihvonen trying hard Apdaly Lopez
Proto class winners Roman Briskindov / Sergei Volkov Paul Tracy
Jürgen Meier
TR3 class winner Roman Briskindov balancing on a rock Apdaly Lopez
Paul Tracy Super-Truck action