WSORR: Bark River II: Ruppel Motorsports weekend summary

Round Ten Win Puts Ruppel into the Stock Truck Championship Lead Chetek, WI (August 13, 2008) - Ruppel Motorsports brought the ...

Round Ten Win Puts Ruppel into the Stock Truck Championship Lead

Chetek, WI (August 13, 2008) - Ruppel Motorsports brought the #837 PHILS Art Carr Transmission BFGoodrich Tires Ford F-150 to Bark River, Michigan looking to grab the top spot in the Stock Truck Championship chase. With only four rounds of racing to go, Eric Ruppel did exactly that. With a runner-up finish on Saturday, and a win on Sunday, Eric has an eleven point lead over Scott Beauchamp.

The weekend started with a solid practice run on Friday evening, as Eric's crew, Kramer, Ewert and Scott had the truck prepped and ready to go before the sun set.

Saturday - Round IX

The fifteen truck land rush was chaotic, at best. The first truck, through the first corner, was "The Outlaw," #863 Al Konitzer. Behind the leader, everyone seemed to bump and push each other around. Several trucks tangled with each other, including the Stock Truck points leader, Scott Beauchamp. By the time Beauchamp got going, he was second to last, with front end damage. Meanwhile, Eric and his #837 PHILS Art Carr Transmission BFGoodrich Tires Ford F-150 fared a little better, and came out of the first turn, in eighth place.

At the end of the first lap, the Ford had moved up to third place, right behind #811 Schneider. Midway through the next lap, Rupe was able to get around Schneider for the second spot. After just two laps, the leader #863 Konitzer had a healthy lead, and Eric knew he wouldn't be able to catch him unless he had a mechanical problem. After ten laps, the finishing order was: Al Konitzer-first, Eric Ruppel-second, and Dave Schneider-third.

"That was a horrible start today," remarked Eric Ruppel. "Kramer kept me calm, as we motored through to second place. By time I got to second, Al was long gone. Finishing second is great. Thanks to everybody: Art Carr Transmission, Phil's Inc., BFGoodrich Tires, Trail Ready, Halama and AMSOIL, Beards Super Seats, my wife, and my crew."

Sunday - Round X

Eric had a much improved start, over the previous round. The #837 Art Carr Ford stayed on the outside edge of the turn and let the BFGoodrich Tires work their way around all, but two trucks. Then, as the field came out of County Road Corner, the Fox Shox kept Rupe's truck on the ground, as he overtook #807 Craig Metz, for second place.

With his sights set on the leader, #826 Dan Beauchamp, Eric really put the power to his BFGs. As the #837 Ford flew over the hill for the second time, the track announcer noted that Eric leaped over 150 feet, as the white and blue F-150 was really moving. Then, the leader suddenly spun out, while heading for the table top jump, and this put Eric in the lead, all the way to the checkered flag.

The Ruppel Motorsports team went wild, as Eric had taken over the Stock Truck point lead.

At the podium ceremony, Eric Ruppel commented, "My guys are just awesome. This truck has been capable of winning every time out. This class is just, so darn tough. Thanks again, to everybody on the side of the truck. I have to say a special thanks to Keith Steele. About a year and a half ago, I almost hung it up, but Keith came over and gave me a pep talk. He helped us understand chassis setups and it has really paid off. This championship is far from over, and I know Scott is thinking the same thing. It will be interesting when we get to Crandon."

After ten of the twelve rounds of racing in the World Series of Off-Road Racing Stock Truck championship, Eric Ruppel has an eleven point lead over Scott Beauchamp.

The final weekend of racing in WSORR season is the BorgWarner Off-Road World Championships, August 29-31, in Crandon, Wisconsin.


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