Reigning General Tire TROPHYLITE champion Louis Chamberland clearly had the truck to beat. Showing up with his truck noticibly different in set up then most of the teams proved to be the key to being fast on the short ever changing track.

"We had a near perfect weekend of racing, with only the small brake line failure in Saturday nights race. We showed up with a drastically different spring and shock setup, but other than that, the very same race winning TROPHYLITE from Glen Helen. The versatility of the TROPHYLITE has truely drawn in Agave Motorsports as a firm believer in what TROPHYLITE is all about, great, close, affordable spec racing for the average person. To be able to race desert one weekend, and shortcourse the next is a huge advantage with one platform to work from. Our truck worked great on the wet clay, and after 1 weekend of racing we are on the right track for next year's short course series. The long sweeper around turn 3 and 4 of the "Bullring" played perfectly to my sprint car experience, and Todd from Fox Racing Shocks, as well as Mirage Motorsports had my truck dialed in from the first Practice/Qualifing run. I would like to thank all the TrophyLite series sponsors, General Tire, Fox Shocks, Currie Enterprises, Mastercraft race seats, KC Highlights, KMC wheels (any that I forgot) and also my own personal sponsors, Competitive Door and Finish, Cap's Paint and Body, Hostyle, K&N Filters, Drive Motorsport, and an awesome prep by Matt "Shrek" Dowland." Chamberland commented at the finish line after the close battle on Saturday night.

Previous TROPHYLITE winner Gary Messer also had things starting to work for his TROPHYLITE truck, finishing the combined weekend with a 2nd overall. "I had alot of fun with the short course. It's a different type of racing from the desert stuff we normally do but I think the trucks worked good. With a little more test and setup time I think they will be pretty fast." Messer added.

Richard Cassey gave Louis a run for the money on Saturday night leading 7 of the 8 lap event to finish 2nd and 4th overall for the combined event. Close door to door racing through the whole TROPHYLITE field made for some flying fiberglass and excited fans. "This was my first time in a TROPHYLITE truck so it took a little to get used to the handling in the short course but I had fun and am happy running so well in the 2nd race. I want to thank Greg and the TROPHYLITE team for the help. I ran one of the TROPHYLITE house rental trucks here and the TROPHYLITE guys worked hard to get me into competitive shape." Richard told us at the end of the Saturday night race.


Round #5 BITD Henderson Fabtech Classic
December 4-6 Henderson, NV

2010 SERIES SCHEDULE Coming Soon !!