The Qatari X-Raid BMW Pilot Nasser Saleh Al Attiyah and his swedish Codriver Tina Thoerner won the Hungarian Baja 2008, fourth round of the FIA Baja Worldcup 2008 in front of their team-mates Leonid Novitsky/Oleg Tyupenkin and the Czech Miroslav Zapletal/Tomas Ourednicek (Mitsubishi L200). The Worldchampion 2007, Boris Gadasin from Russia, rolled his car in the last selective, could finish the race but lost many time. After the race he is on 5th position, so he now has no chance for the title of the Baja Worldchampion 2008.

Now in the FIA Baja Worldcup we have the following standings:

01) Al Attiyah, Nasser (QT) - 60 Pts
02) Gadasin, Boris (RUS) - 26 Pts
03) Novitsky, Leonid (RUS) - 16 Pts
04) Palik, Laszlo (HU) - 15 Pts
05) Van Deijne, Tonnie (NL) - 14 Pts
06) Zapletal, Miroslav (CZ) - 13 Pts
07) Roma, Nani (ES) - 11 Pts
08) Sousa, Rui (P) - 10 Pts
09) Al-Helei, Yahya - 07 Pts
==) Al-Ghamedi, Majed (SA) - 07 Pts
==) Campos, Filipe (P) 07 Pts
12) Abini, Paolo (I) - 05 Pts

In the Hungarian Championship the regional celebrity Laslo Palik could win the Championship, the Hungarian Baja was the last round of this series. The car of the famous "Baba" Istvan Gal burned during the race. This was also bad for the Opel Antara Pilot Balazs Szalay (better known as one of the organisers of the "Central Europe Rally") - after the accident of Gal a mechanic told him, that the race is over and he went to the service park. There he heard that the race is not over - but he was disqualified because of leaving the official route...