Battle for Points

By Nancy Schilke -

Sunday, August 12, 2001 -- Sportsman Stock points leader Eric Dawson (Ford) did not start today after taking second place in Saturday's race. This left the door wide open for Mark Kleiman (Ford). Kleiman won Saturday's round 11 race and moved within one point of Dawson. Kleiman wasted no time taking the lead by turn one in front of Don Williams (Ford). Jeff Lutzow (Ford) held off Keith Steele (Chevy) for third place and proceeding to catch Williams while Kleiman stretch out his lead within the first six laps.

Lutzow pulled into hot pits giving up the chase for second. Rhonda Konitzer (Chevy) lost her left rear wheel and limped the truck back to the hot pits. Steele moved up to third place and put the pressure on Williams while Kleiman continued to run away with the lead.

Keiman takes the checker and the points lead with his win today. "The track conditions were awesome. Thanks to my team and family", said Kleiman after the win. He went on to mention his 84-year grandmother who is here at the track. "That's what it means."

After the race, Steele bypassed tech inspection and was disqualified.

Top four in Sportsman Stock: Kleiman, Williams, Tim Konizter (Ford) and Randy Zimonick (Ford).

Sportsman 2:

Sportsman 2 leader Mike Oberg did not get off the line for a good start which gave Dan Baudoux (Ford) the race lead with Andy Morter (Chevy) right behind him. Once the dusts settled, the top four were Baudoux, Morter, Ben Wandahsega (Chevy) and Mike Oberg (Chevy). Ken Hallgren (Chevy) pulled into the hot pits due to contact off one of the jumps with right front damage.

Baudoux stretched his lead going for his second win of the weekend. Morter was overheating and slowed down to ensure the finish. He was second in points going into round 12 at Bark River Raceway and he wanted to garner points. Oberg got loose in the gravel and which allowed Wandahsega to pull away. Baudoux developed problems and pulled off which gave Wandahsega the lead. Morter finished the race and pulled off after the start/finish line with a smoking engine.

Wandahsega took the checker and his first career win in Sportsman 2. Obviously elated, Wandahsega did donuts for the fans. Choked with emotion, Wandahsega said, "This is awesome; especially for my sponsor - Bob's Home - it is their 50th anniversary (selling mobile homes in the UP and Wisconsin). Like to thank my team and my tires were awesome!"

Top four in Sportsman 2: Wandahsega, Sam Konitzer (Chevy), Michael Savage (Ford) and Morter.