2006 Chula Vista Sportsman Classes Requirements and Procedures

Newport Beach, CA -- (Tuesday, February 7, 2006) - Two Sportsman classes will be offered at the 2006 CORR Chula Vista events. Rules and regulations will be similar to the 2005 events. Each combined class will race once each day of the event weekend, for the posted CORR Sportsman purse. The entry fee for each event will be $200. A $100 late fee will be added to your entry fee if it is not received two weeks prior to the event. A CORR drivers license will be required for all classes. These forms will be available shortly at www.corracing.com .

A CORR West Coast points Champion will be awarded for the two classes below. All rules in section 17 of the CORR rule book will apply.

CORR Single Buggy / SCORE Class 1-2 1600

CORR Super Buggy / SCORE Class 10 and 12

All CORR or SCORE minimum safety standards will apply as printed in the latest rule books. All CORR procedural, flag and competition rules will apply as printed in the 2006 CORR Rule Book. This book is available at www.corracing.com.

All vehicles must have numbers assigned by CORR administration prior to the event. All numbers used in the 2006 Chula Vista events must be the proper size, color and location as described in the 2006 CORR Rule Book. Racers will keep the same number for all 2006 Chula Vista events. All teams will also be required to rent or purchase an electronic scoring transponder at each event. There will absolutely be no exceptions to this rule.

Technical inspections and attendance at all drivers meetings are mandatory. Significant penalties or disqualifications will be imposed.

CORR reserves the right to adjust the race format depending on the number of entrees. Class splitting or heat races may be required.