Mike Savage Keeps the Pressure On

As Mike Savage and his Savage Construction Kumho Tires Ford F-150 headed to Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas for Rounds 7 & 8 of the Lucas Oil CORR Championships, the team knew this could best the best opportunity to "steal" a win from the big boys. The short and tight track layout reduces the need for supreme horsepower and puts the emphasis on the driver's ability and the truck's chassis setup.

Round 7

The starting inversion put Mike at the back of the starting grid. Just after the start, the first of many yellow flags came out. The tight track created a lot of incidental contact with competitors getting turned around. One incident involved Ken Hallgren and Mike Savage, with Hallgren going end over end off the main jump. As Mike made his way through the back markers, the third place truck of Don Williams was in his sights. Unfortunately the laps ran out before the #267 Savage Construction Kumho Tires Ford F-150 could attempt the pass. Afterwards CORR officials took a long look at the Savage-Hallgren incident and concluded no penalties to be given out. The finishing order for Round 7 was Wandasega first, Oberg second, Williams third, and Savage fourth!!!

Round 8

Saturday evening found Mike Savage starting third. At the start Dan Baudoux took the lead with Rhonda Konitizer and Mike Savage in pursuit. Mike made a clean pass for second. Then Baudoux's truck broke. Suddenly, Mike is out in front. The truck's great chassis setup made up for its lack of power. With about 3 laps to go, Ben Wandasega finally caught the #267 Savage Construction Kumho Tires Ford F-150 and made the outside pass stick. At the finish it was Wandasega first, Mike Savage second, and Oberg third.

"It was a wild weekend. Friday night it was very hard to find a rhythm with all the cautions. We were concerned about the contact we had with Ken. The CORR officials reviewed the tape and made the call. Saturday I thought we just might make to the finish first, but Wandasega passed me on the fastest part of the track where he had the advantage. All in all it was a great weekend for us." -- Mike Savage

After Round 8 Mike Savage is in third place overall in the 2005 Lucas Oil CORR Sportsman2 division. With only four rounds of racing left, the team is only 8 points behind the second place truck of Dan Baudoux.

Next Race August 13-14 , The Boss Snowplow UP Off-Road Challenge in Bark River, MI.