The 2005 CORR Pro-Lite manufacturer championship will turn into a wash-literally

Indianapolis, Ind. (September 13, 2005)-It is a challenge never before heard of in Championship Off Road Racing history. Sure, the drivers are constantly challenged by all elements during a season, but what about the manufacturers and their representatives who follow the series around the country?

After 12 of 14 rounds in the 2005 CORR Lucas Oil Pro Series, Nissan and Toyota are tied at 194 points a piece in the Pro-Lite Manufacturer Championships. So, what does that mean for Ron Stukenberg of Nissan and Tom O'Connor of Toyota? What about a free truck wash?

In a friendly wager made between the two manufacturers in the Pro-Lite division, if Nissan wins the 2005 Manufacturer Championship over Toyota, O'Connor will have to pull up his sleeves and wash the #9 BOSS Snowplow Nissan Frontier of Chad Hord. If Toyota wins? Stukenberg will have to turn his attention to the #7 Forest County Potawatomi Toyota to scrub it clean after the race.

Not that Hord or Kincaid need any additional pressure; both are battling for the Pro-Lite championship. Hord currently leads Kincaid 159-153 in the standings. Four of the top-ten drivers in the standings drive Nissan Frontiers, including Hord, Mark Krueger (5th), Art Schmitt (6th) and Lee O'Donnell (8th). Kincaid, Steven Federico (4th), and Jim Kandel (9th) are the three Toyota drivers in the top-ten.

"All I can say is that I have the utmost confidence that the Nissan Frontier teams will prevail and that I do not plan on wearing my car washing clothes to the Nissan Off-Road Nationals in Chula Vista," said Stukenberg.

O'Connor is exhibiting the same confidence in the Toyota drivers. "I am not worried about getting my hands wet!" O'Connor said. Toyota has a great bunch of racers in the Pro-Lite division and if our history of winning CORR championships is any indication I think we are in pretty good shape! I have really enjoyed the honor of accepting the trophy for the Manufacturer's Championships that Toyota has won in the past, but it is going to be a lot more fun pointing out to Ron the spots that he has missed on Jeff's Tacoma!"

After hearing about the wager, both Hord and Kincaid couldn't help but laugh.

"We're going to give it our best," said Hord. "We don't want to see the boss wash another truck, especially a Toyota."

"I don't want to see that happen," said Kincaid. "We have a lot of good drivers (Toyota), and I think we can pull it off!"

The final two rounds of the 2005 CORR Lucas Oil Series will take place September 24-25 at the Nissan Off-Road Nationals in Chula Vista, Calif. For more information, visit