Avon, Ind. (December 12, 2000) - The awards continue to shower upon Jeff Kincaid and his Toyota Forest County Potawatomi team. Kincaid received Honorable Mention in the At Large category of the 2000 American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association All-America Team. The team is selected annually by the AARWBA.

"It's been a super year for Toyota, the Forest County Potawatomi, and BF Goodrich," said Kincaid. "It is hard to put into words, this year has been awesome."

Kincaid's banner year included his first Pro-Lite championship (12 wins in 18 starts), the Precision Gear Driver of the Year Award, and the Gorden Stoney Mechanic of the Year award (presented to his crew chief, Douglas Kincaid).

Kincaid is the third CORR driver to be recognized by the AARWBA. Walker Evans (First Team-1999) and Evan Evans have also been recognized for outstanding years in racing.

In his third year in the CORR EXXON Superflo Series, Kincaid has 14 wins in 50 starts. In 1998, he finished third in the points, and in 1999, he placed second in the Pro-Lite division. 2001 will be a test for the Tour 2000 Pro-Lite champion; he knows everyone will be out to capture his title.

"I think all those guys (the Pro-Lite drivers) have their guns loaded and they're hunting for me. It will be a little harder now," he said.

The AARWBA consists of more than 300 Professional and Affiliate members. The members represent a variety of Motorsports media throughout the United States.