CORR: Oberg Motorsports Texas summary

CORR: Oberg Motorsports Texas summary

Oberg Survives the Texas Grind Eagle River, WI (October 23, 2007) - After successful season in the Midwest, Oberg Motorsports headed to Texas Motor Speedway for the eastern stop of the Championship Off-Road Racing series. The last minute...

Oberg Survives the Texas Grind

Eagle River, WI (October 23, 2007) - After successful season in the Midwest, Oberg Motorsports headed to Texas Motor Speedway for the eastern stop of the Championship Off-Road Racing series. The last minute decision to compete in Texas made the logistics a challenge to get all the team members to the venue.

Mike Oberg loaded up the #80 AMSOIL Kumho Tire American Racing Chevrolet Silverado, and drove the transporter to Texas early in the week, while Gilly and the crew were to arrive Friday morning. Unfortunately, CORR scheduled practice and qualifying for Thursday night. This left Mike to go it alone for qualifying.

Thursday Qualifying
In the final practice session just before qualifying, Mike broke a driveshaft and one of the yokes. Somehow he got it back together. He went out with a conservative run and qualified ninth.

CORR Points Rd. 10

Starting back in the pack, Mike Oberg immediately was battling with several drivers as everyone was taking different lines looking for traction. The racing contact was incredible. The combination of the tight track and the slippery track conditions made for some serious banging and bumping.

Mike survived the melee and came home seventh.

Baldwin Cup Qualifier
Gilly and the crew went to work replacing body panels and trying to come up with a better tire combination. With only two hours before the Cup race. Prep time was at a premium.

The final race of the night was battle of traction and track position for the #80 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Chevy. The result was a seventh place finish.

Afterwards Mike Oberg commented, "Today we were really battling with tire grooving. The track changed so much throughout the day and night. There's a lot of contact out there, so basically I've got to get more aggressive. We changed gears between races, and that helped during the second race. All and all it wasn't too bad for the first time running on such a short track. The problem here everyone is running close to the same speed. You have to stick you nose in there and make your move. It's not about horsepower. It's about being aggressive and not making any mistakes. When you do there's a guy right behind you taking your spot. Your right on somebody's tail and someone is right on yours."

PRO-2 Points - Round 11

Starting back in tenth position, Mike knew he had to be more aggressive if he had a chance to get on the podium.

The start saw Mike and his #80 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Chevy move up several spots midway through the second lap. Then #71 Gordon got sideways as #80 was in the air coming off the table top. Mike did his best to pitch his truck sideways to avoid a direct hit. Fortunately the contact did not cause any serious damage to either of the trucks. By the time Mike had gathered up his AMSOIL Chevy, much of the field had gone past. After twenty two laps, the checkered flag fell with Mike Oberg crossing the line on the lead lap, in ninth place.

"We had a good run going, until Robby got sideways in front of me," commented Mike Oberg. "I was in the air when I saw him. I tried my best to pitch my truck sideways so there wasn't a huge hit. I was able to keep going, but I couldn't get any traction. After I race I found out why. The carcass on the right rear tire was gone. I didn't get a flat. All the tread was gone. We just rode it out to the end hoping more guys would break. All in all we came out of this weekend without any serious damage. We'll prep the truck for Vegas tomorrow and head out for the finals."

Mike Oberg will be competing in the final rounds of racing in the Championship Off-Road Racing series November 3-4, at Las Vegas International Off-Road Raceway in Primm, Nevada.

Then he will also compete as the defending champion in the Jason Baldwin Memorial Cup. This second annual event puts the top PRO-4 and top PRO-2 competitors in the country in a $66,000 winner take all event. Last year in Chula Vista, Mike won the inaugural event in one of the wildest short course races ever recorded in off-road racing history.

Television coverage of the Texas Baldwin Cup Qualifier will be broadcast on NBC Sports, October 28, from 2:30pm to 4pm - Eastern Time.

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