NISSAN Continues as The Official Truck of CORR in 2005
Nissan continues to prove they do more than compete-they win

Indianapolis, Ind. (February 4, 2005)-Two years ago, Nissan took a giant step to raise awareness that they are determined to be the number one truck manufacturer in the USA. Nissan's first full-size truck, the Titan, was named the 2004 Pick-up Truck of the Year in Four Wheeler Magazine. Since that time, everything continues to hint that Nissan will be here to stay. 2005 will be Nissan's third season as the Official Truck of the CORR Lucas Oil Series.

"In looking back over our sponsorship involvement the past two years, our expectations in brand visibility and product promotion have been exceeded," said Ron Stukenberg, Motorsports Manager for Nissan. "We have also enjoyed watching the series (CORR) grow in popularity and racing excitement."

Art Schmitt, in his familiar Nissan Frontier Pro-Lite truck, has been the glue that kept Nissan involved in the CORR Lucas Oil Series over the years. With more than 100 starts and 8 career wins in the Pro-Lite division, his influence on and off the track helped bring Nissan where they are today in off-road racing.

In 2005, Nissan is introducing the NISMO (Nissan Motorsports International) Frontier. It features some of the most advanced off-road technology and hardware, according to the 2005 Nissan Frontier dealership brochure.

"We leveraged our CORR involvement in many ways prior to introducing the 2005 Frontier," said Stukenberg. "For example, we invited Art Schmitt to our test course in Arizona last summer to evaluate the vehicle before launching it. We are using his evaluation for select sales and marketing activities and will continue to get input from Art and select CORR drivers in the future."

With the Titan coming on board for Nissan in 2004, and along with the distinguished reputation of the Frontier, the entire fleet of Nissan trucks forced many truck lovers to take a second look at what Nissan can offer. Nissan's involvement in the CORR Lucas Oil Series helped build that reputation.

"We had product displays for the Frontier, Titan, Armada, Pathfinder, and Xterra at select CORR events during the 2004 season, and we were overwhelmed by the positive response we received from the fans at all the events," explained Stukenberg.

Nissan points out in its dealership brochure for the 2005 Frontier that sometimes "The most rewarding route is usually the dirtiest, and the most challenging." If that is the case, Nissan is in the right place at the right time.

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