CORR Stock driver Mark Kleiman helping hurricane ravaged Florida

Indianapolis, Ind. (October 4, 2004)-Following three devastating hurricanes, the healing process for the residents in Florida is beginning. Mark Kleiman, the Championship Off Road Racing Stock driver from Wilson, Michigan experienced first hand what the state is dealing with, and how everyone is recovering.

"It's been devastating," said Kleiman. "A lot of people are devastated, and there have been a lot of tears."

Kleiman drove a logging loader to Florida prior to the first hurricane to assist in the clean up efforts. He has been home one weekend since, working seven days a week and 18 hours a day in Florida. It is an experience that he will not forget.

"The rain was so strong that it would go underneath the shingles of a home, eventually saturating the entire inside of the home. The homes look okay, but inside they are gutted by the moisture from the rain," said Kleiman.

Houses that withstood the first hurricane were less fortunate through the third.

In addition to cleaning debris, Kleiman had to fix street and road signs that were twisted more than 90 degrees from wind exceeding 100 mph.

Following three hurricanes, the mood has shifted from sadness to thankfulness. Kleiman noted that people are thankful to be alive after three overwhelming hurricanes in less than three weeks.

"They weren't prepared for this. The healing has started. You have to adapt, and I think everyone is slowly putting things back together," said Klieman.

"Tragedies such as this have a way of making people stronger and bringing people together."