The team came once again to the 3rd weekend of racing in Chula Vista on the 2006 CORR schedule. Arriving on Wednesday, the team set up the pit area to ready the truck for the weekend of racing.

Fridays practice went well with numerous changes to the setup that allowed a top 5 time in practice.

The stage was set for Saturday's round 13 events. At the green, Kevin started in position 9 (second row pole) as the top 8 in points determine the front row starting positions. Coming from the second row to 6th by turn one a lead truck spun taking Kevin back to 17th, second from last. The truck was fast and Kevin made his way to the 7th spot by the mandatory yellow flag restart on lap 9. Evans and Douglas were all over the 99 and this ended up being one of the best races of the weekend to watch. With 6 laps remaining after the yellow, Kevin made consistent moves forward finally ending in 5th place. "This was a good day considering the start incident" Kevin said, "the finish moved us to the top 8 in points".

The Sunday rounds started and at the green, Kevin was 5th through turn one. Continuing through the first lap behind Renezeder, Kevin was hot on the pace with Carl. The 2 were making a move to the inside of turn 4 and Carl spun taking Kevin around with him. The contact moved both to the 8th and 9th positions. Something broke in the steering of the 99 and the day was over a couple laps later.

-credit: kp