Scott Taylor (Pro-2) and Michael Seefeldt (Single Buggy) repeat PG Driver of the Year performances in 2002.

Avon, Ind. (September 24, 2002) -- 2002 CORR Lucas Oil Series champions Scott Taylor (Pro-2) and Michael Seefeldt (Single Buggy) will be recognized as the Pro and Sportsman winners of the CORR Precision Gear Driver of the Year award at the CORR Champions Banquet on November 2, 2002.

2002 is the third year that Precision Gear has been recognizing the top drivers in the CORR Lucas Oil Series. Taylor and Seefeldt both won the same award last season. The inaugural winners of the award in 2000 were Jeff Kincaid (Pro-Lite) and Tommy Bradley (Sportsman 2). A cash prize of $7,500 is awarded to the Pro Driver of the Year and $1,000 is awarded to the Sportsman Driver of the Year for their exceptional performance in Championship Off Road Racing.

Points for determining the Precision Gear Driver of the Year are awarded based upon several factors, which include the number of positions improved from the start of each race to finish, the finishing position in each race and the display of the Precision Gear decal in the approved location.

Scott Taylor continued his domination of the Pro-2 division in 2002, winning his fourth consecutive title. Taylor finished the season with 4 wins and 12 top-four finishes in 14 starts. He won the title over Evan Evans by eleven points, 212 to 201. In his five years competing in Championship Off Road Racing, Taylor has 28 wins in 80 starts. With 28 wins, Taylor is tied with CORR driver Johnny Greaves as the all time leader in series wins.

After finishing four points out of first place in 2001, Michael Seefeldt returned to the Single Buggy division in 2002 ready to win his second Single Buggy championship. Seefeldt was the first CORR Single Buggy champion, winning the trophy in 1998. This season, Seefeldt had 6 wins and 10 top-three finishes in 12 starts. Seefeldt's only missteps in his championship season were in Round 6 (17th place) and Round 8 (12th). In his CORR career, the Sportsman driver has 17 wins in 59 starts.

<pre> 2002 Precision Gear CORR Pro Driver of the Year

1.  Scott Taylor*       Pro-2           357 points
2.  Jeff Kincaid*       Pro-Lite        317
3.  Rick Huseman        Pro-Lite        299
4.  John Greaves*       Pro-4           293
5.  Curt LeDuc          Pro-4           284
6.  Evan Evans          Pro-2           240
7.  Carl Renezeder      Pro-2           233
8.  Carl Renezeder      Pro-4           230
9.  Scott Douglas       Pro-4           224
10.  Chad Hord          Pro-Lite        215

2002 Precision Gear CORR Sportsman Driver of the Year

1.  Michael Seefeldt*   Single Buggy    423 points
2.  Scott Schwalbe*     Super Buggy     406
3.  Josh Hintz*         Light Buggy     389
4.  Tommy Bradley*      Sportsman 2     336
5.  Mark Kleiman*       Stock           324
6.  Aaron Hawley        Super Buggy     313
7.  Ben O'Connell       Light Buggy     311
8.  Steve Socha         Single Buggy    293
9.  Mark Steinhardt     Single Buggy    275
10. Ross Hoek           Stock           252

Note: Names marked with an asterisk (*) are the 2002 CORR Lucas Oil Series division champions.