The team arrived at the Crandon International Off Road Raceway on Thursday night. We had a busy schedule for the weekend including the additional tasks associated with the addition of handling Larry Gourlie's Pro 2 truck team as well as our own efforts. The pits were set up with a patriotic theme since our Fabtech/Goodyear/Indicom Truck was already red, white and Blue, and since Larry had a new race sponsor in the US Marines.   The Saturday morning practice went well, with minimal changes require for race time later in the afternoon. As the last pro race of the day, Pro 2 was the featured race of the day. At the green flag, Kevin made his way to the first turn in 3rd place following Brian Hinman, and Scott Taylor. The land rush style start was clean with no incidents to note. Taylor made his way past Hinman on lap 2 and Kevin was in pursuit with Evans and Renezeder behind. For 3 or 4 laps, Kevin tried to pass Hinman, but with the muddy, over watered track, the door was open for Evans to make a move in another direction. This was the case as Evans passed Hinman on one side and Kevin passed him on the other. Evans was in 2nd, Kevin in 3rd. So it went for the remainder of the race until the last lap when Renezeder made a tight (inside the track) pass on Kevin to take 3rd 1/2 way through the final white flag lap. At the finish, it was Taylor, Evans, Renezeder, and Kevin. The 3rd and 4th place finishes are a very consistent reminder that this Pro 2 class is tough, but the team is determined to win.   The Sunday morning events are moved up to accommodate the Borg Warner race later in the afternoon.   Sundays practice went very well with the changes the team made including a carburetor jetting change as well as a new groove on the rear tires. All the changes were positive and the #99 Fabtech truck was ready to take on the competition. At the green flag, Kevin found his way into turn 1 in 4th after the muddy start line gave way to different lines being better than others down the 1/2 mile drag race to turn one. After a lap Kevin was 3rd with VandenHuevel and Hinman in the first 2 spots. It was a tough day as much contact in the first lap left many truck disabled. Kevin's #99 had damage to the steering, but was still able to continue in 3rd. With the race continuing and many changes to race positions, Kevin was in 2nd on the final lap with VandenHuevel in 1st. Kevin's steering problems gave Baldwin and Hinman the opportunity to make a move and they did. Last lap passes left Kevin in 4th once again with VandedHuevel winning the race. The positions cost us 4th in points as VandenHuevel move ahead by 2 points into 4th with Kevin 5th overall.   The team goes to Akron on the 11th for a Show involving Fabtech and Summit, then to another display on next Thursday at New Venture Gear in New York prior to the Unadilla event in Upper New York. Check out our web page for details on TV schedules and Race times. Kevin also did an interview for a Movie being put together by Spike TV. We will let everyone know the story on this when news becomes available.   -pm-