Las Vegas --- Rob MacCachren defies history by becoming first ever to win two overall Off-Road Championships and four Off-Road Class Championships in one season. With the Pro-4 CORR Championship title earned in September, both the SNORE Overall Points Championship and the SCORE Overall Points Championship wrapped up in November, Rob MacCachren secured his fourth title championship this weekend by placing third in the Las Vegas 200.

Again teaming up with Steve Olliges and the Team Ford race crew, MacCachren Motorsports began Saturday's Las Vegas 200 undefeated in the 2001 Ford Ranger Edge 4x4. After gaining the lead of the race on the second lap of the three lap event, MacCachren faced a racer's dilemma. "We put a new motor in the race truck for this race. Unfortunately we figured the gas mileage incorrectly and the race truck ran out of gas with 12 miles to go," MacCachren summarized at the finish line. "We had a picture perfect year so I would have to say we are grateful. We lost this battle so to speak, but we did win the war."

Upon winning this weekend's BITD Championship, Rob MacCachren heads the list of off-road titles/championships within one year. "It is a huge accomplishment to win all 4 off-road race series. It took a lot of work but it also took a lot of help from sponsors and my team. I am thankful to everyone who helped win these championships - we did it together." MacCachren concluded.

Notes: * In all four race series, CORR, SNORE, BITD and SCORE, MacCachren led both his Class and Overall (where applicable) from the first event never relinquishing his first place position.

* MacCachren's final statistics show 23 wins out of 33 races this year. In the CORR Series, MacCachren won 11 out of 18 events including the Borg Warner Cup and Governors Cup. SCORE statistics show 4 out of 5 races won including the Baja 1000. SNORE adds 5 out of 6 races won and Best in the Desert concludes the impressive list with 3 out of 4 races won.

* In addition to picking up Overall Championship honors at the upcoming SCORE banquet, MacCachren will also pick up a Toyota True Grit and a Toyota Milestone Award.

* As a side note, MacCachren completed every mile of every race in all three Desert Series (SNORE, SCORE & BITD).

* Rob MacCachren and fellow CORR Pro-2 driver Scott Taylor have been nominated for the 2001 AARWBA (American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association) All America Team. Both MacCachren and Taylor are two of six drivers who are on the ballot on the At Large category. Two drivers from each category will be named to the first team. The balloting will also determine a second team of drivers placing third and fourth in each category as well as honorable mentions to all other drivers receiving at least 5% of the vote. Final awards are announced at the AARWBA banquet in January.