Catching MacCachren

By Nancy Schilke -

Sunday, August 12, 2001 - Rob MacCachren (Ford) looked to extend his points lead to ensure the championship as Curt LeDuc (Ford), Jason Baldwin (Ford), Scott Douglas (Ford) and John Greaves (Toyota) hoped to gather more points than MacCachren in order to keep him close at hand prior to the final four races.

The start at the Bark River Raceway was amazing as not one Pro 4 made contact with another going into the tight turn one. However, not the case in turn 2 as Douglas was tapped and went sideways and as he straighten the truck, he was hit again which put him into a rollover - Douglas did continue! Rookie Kent Brascho (Chevy) took the early lead until he and Greaves had slight contact which caused Brascho to spin and lose several positions. Greaves was given a black flag for passing under a yellow flag. After serving his penalty, Greaves was on the move to make up positions.

Once the race settled down, LeDuc held the lead with Baldwin and MacCachren on his rear bumper. MacCachren was on the move and took over second place from Baldwin - more points, larger lead in the standings - when he developed a flat tire right rear while chasing LeDuc. With MacCachren in the hot pits, Baldwin moved back into second and LeDuc was finally able to breathe easier sitting in first.

MacCachren received a black flag for speeding in the hot pits and after he served his penalty, he was down one lap. LeDuc was holding off Baldwin with Brascho and Douglas fighting for third. At the same time, Baldwin pulled off track with a mechanical problem. LeDuc stayed second in points with the win but did get closer to MacCachren for the championship.

"LeDuc climbed on the fence in front of the stands (ala Helio) and put his fist in the air. "I want to thank all the guys who helped, my family who is not here with me and my sponsor NAPA. I had a great sponsor. And Ford," said a very emotional and happy LeDuc. After the winner's circle interview, LeDuc gave the fans what they were waiting for - LeDuc donuts!

Top four Pro 4: LeDuc, Brascho, Douglas and Greaves.