Antigo, Wisconsin will continue its long history of support for off-road racing in 2003 and 2004.

Indianapolis, Ind. (April 9, 2003)-The Mole Lake Regency Casino Off-Road Championships will join forces with the CORR Lucas Oil Series in 2003 at the Langlade County Fairgrounds in Antigo, WI. 2003 is the 19th year that the city of Antigo, Wisconsin has hosted an off-road racing event. The Antigo Kiwanis Club and Championship Off Road Racing have agreed on a 2004 contract, giving both parties ample time to plan for the future.

"Undoubtedly, by agreeing to a contract extension in 2004, it displays that the CORR Lucas Oil Series has had a profound effect on the community of Antigo," said CORR Director of Marketing Jamie Devney.

The Antigo Kiwanis Club will join forces again with the Mole Lake Regency Casino to host the CORR Lucas Oil Series event June 6-8, 2003. The CORR drivers will receive two weekend passes compliments of the Regency Casino, and all fees will remain the same as 2002.

The Mole Lake Regency Casino Off Road Championships is one of seven events scheduled for the 2003 CORR Lucas Oil Series. Off Road Racing began in Antigo in 1984, and since that time the annual event has become one of the most anticipated events in the series.

Jim Meisinger, the Mole Lake Regency Casino Off Road Championship Promoter, is delighted about the future of the CORR Lucas Oil Series visiting Antigo.

"We look forward to a multi-year relationship with the Mole Lake Regency Casino," said Meisinger. "To have the 2004 contract signed and sealed is great. Collectively, we know we will be racing in Antigo in 2004. This is real progress and a big step forward for the sport."