New tire rule opens doors to competition in Pro-4 and Pro-2 divisions

Indianapolis, Ind. (November 18, 2004)-Championship Off Road Racing, (CORR) announced a major change in the tire size used in its Pro-4 and Pro-2 divisions of the CORR Lucas Oil Series.

The new tire size of 35 x 12.50 or comparable measurements are reflected in the following rule (located on pages 34 and 37 in the 2005 CORR Rule Book):

Maximum tread width is 10.2", section width is 13.2", diameter is 35". These measurements are taken on a 10 inch wheel at 35 PSI without load.

By reducing the width of the tire by two inches, competition should be improved for several reasons. Teams will not have to spend thousands of dollars looking for more horsepower as they will not be able to get the power to the ground. The results should bring the fields closer together.

"This new tire rule fits the criteria established for any major change," noted CORR President Marty Reid. "It increases competition at minimum cost and goes one step further by allowing more manufacturers to get involved in the sport".

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