Scott Taylor (Pro-2) and Dan Baudoux (Sportsman 2) win the 2004 Precision Gear Driver of the Year awards

Taylor, MI (September 29, 2004)-- 2004 is the fifth year in which Precision Gear recognizes both the CORR Sportsman and the Pro Driver of the Year. A cash prize of $1,000 is being awarded to the Sportsman Driver of the Year and $7,500 is awarded to the Pro Driver of the Year for their outstanding performances.

Points determining the Precision Gear Driver of the Year are awarded based upon several factors which include the finishing position in each race, the number of positions improved from the start of each race to finish and the display of the Precision Gear decal in the approved location throughout the entire season.

The competition for the Pro Driver of the Year was extremely close this year as seen at the close of Round 13 where Pro-4 Carl Renezeder trailed the Pro-2 leader Scott Taylor by only 2 points. Round 14 action bought Renezeder an additional 13 points, but Taylor pulled in 27 points to narrowly edged out Renezeder and claim his 4th consecutive Precision Gear Pro Driver of the Year Award and his 6th straight Pro-2 title.

Sportsman-2 driver Dan Baudoux displayed his racing aptitude by taking 7- First Place finishes and placing in the top 5 in the remainder of 12 rounds. Baudoux amassed 362 points finishing only 20 points ahead Stock champion Keith Steele who also had an outstanding year. Baudoux secured himself the prestigious 2004 Precision Gear Sportsman Driver of the Year Award.

Precision Gear congratulates these fine men on their exceptional driving skills and inducts them in to a lineage of recipients winning the - Precision Gear Driver of the Year Award.

Taylor and Baudoux will be recognized at the Championship Off Road Racing Awards Banquet on November 6 at the Regency Suites and KI Convention Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

<pre> 2004 CORR PG Pro Point Standings (Through Round 14) 1. Scott Taylor (Pro-2) 344 points 2. Carl Renezeder (Pro-4) 328 3. Evan Evans (Pro-2) 306 4. John Greaves (Pro-4) 295 5. Rick Huseman (Pro-Lite) 290 6. Scott Douglas (Pro-4) 269 7. Chad Hord (Pro-Lite) 266 8. Curt LeDuc (Pro-4) 253 9. Jeff Kincaid (Pro-Lite) 233 10. Art Schmitt (Pro-Lite) 227

2004 CORR PG Sportsman Point Standings (Through Round 12) 1. Dan Baudoux (Sportsman 2) 362 points 2. Keith Steele (Stock) 342 3. Mark Steinhardt (Single Buggy) 335 4. Michael Seefeldt (Single Buggy) 328 5. Mark Kleiman (Stock) 311 6. Ben O'Connell (Light Buggy) 301 7. Corry Heynen (Super Buggy) 287 8. Greg Stingle (Light Buggy) 273 9. Mike Oberg (Sportsman 2) 261 10. Dave Waldvogel (Stock) 260