Tested and Rested Western Motorsports Ready for Grueling Vegas to Reno Event

Western Motorsports has made two team entries into the Best in the Desert's TSCO Vegas to Reno off-road racing event. The race will start Friday August 20th just outside of Las Vegas and take the teams over 500-miles through sand, silt, extreme heat, hidden rock beds and other unforeseen terrain challenges in the Nevada deserts. Piloting the #1265 Eleven Western Builders Pro Truck will be Dave Mason and Rick Backus. Backus will start the race along with veteran team co-driver Mark Moffatt. Mason will take over driving duties at the half way point carrying the truck to the finish line with co-driver Mike Nelson. Piloting the #7265 entry will be the young guns of Western Motorsports, Sean Backus and Brett Backus. Sean Backus will start the race with co-driver Matt Nelson. Brett Backus will take over at the half way point joined by long time co-driver Greg Atherton.

Slated as the longest off-road race in the United States several hundred competitors will wage war with the Nevada Mountains and deserts. In the end those who survive will reach one of the most fulfilling finish lines in all of motorsports. The two truck team at Western Motorsports certainly has all intentions to reach the finish line, but also feel strong about their chances to win. The #7265 Truck has two young drivers in Sean and Brett Backus. But the team has been showing they are a contender in the 7200 class for race wins.

"We are a new team with a new truck, but I think we've learned a lot and come a long ways in the last few races," said Brett Backus. "If we can stay out of major trouble then I think we have as good a shot to win as anyone out there. The class is growing and the competition is very tough. But we have a great team who's worked really hard to prepare great trucks. It should be exciting."

"We have been preparing and testing both trucks and everyone feels good about the event," said Rick Backus, primary driver of the #1265 Pro Truck for Western Motorsports. "We came close last year, but had a few minor setbacks. Once the race starts everything is very unpredictable. You just have to keep organized and keep focused and not let any challenge get you down. There is a good chance that one of your competitors will have a bad moment in the race too. In such a long race almost no one will go without some sort of troubles. It's an adventure in a somewhat controlled ciaos environment, but all the more reason that makes it such a special event."

Special Note: Western Motorsports sends our prayers out to all those involved in this past weekends California 200 MDR race event.

-source: ww.WesternMotorsports.org