Reno, Nevada - Dec. 1, 2005: The final race of the 2005 Best in the Desert Racing Association's Silver State Points Series racing schedule, the 'Henderson Terrible's 400' gets underway December 1 - 3, 2005 in the El Dorado Valley, just east of Henderson, Nevada. The race will be contested over five laps around a "loop" which is spread across 80 miles of mountainous terrain in the Southern Nevada desert. Team HUMMER's Josh Hall, in the #4103 H2 SUV has not lost a race in over a year. Hall comes into Saturday's 'Henderson Terrible's 400' with a virtually insurmountable lead in Class 4100 (Full-size Stock Production SUV) requiring only that he start the race to lock up the 2005 Class 4100 Points Championship. Riding in the second seat with Josh for part of Saturday's race will be his 18 year old daughter, Shelby.

Team HUMMER's, Chad Hall, in the #8102 Full Stock H1 Pickup, only needs to complete the race within the time limit to wrap up second place in the 2005 Class 8100 (Full-size Stock Production Pickup Truck) points championship. In spite of our favorable standings going into the final race of the year, no one on either Team HUMMER crew is likely to be satisfied with anything less than all out effort to win on Saturday. This will be the final race of a very distinguished career for the #8102 H1 Pickup and both Chad and Chief Mechanic, Brad Falin want to see the H1 go out with a win. Team HUMMER will be introducing the new Duramax powered, H1 Alpha Pickup at the Best in the Desert "Parker 425', February, 3-5, 2006 and we have high expectations for the new truck.

Coming off a well deserved win at the Baja 1000 just 12 days ago, Chief Mechanic, Sam Cothrun hasn't had much time to sort out the various problems that the H2 had experienced throughout the race in Mexico. In spite of the time constraints, a complete rebuild of the front suspension has been done, which should eliminate the problems we were having with tie rod breakage. Engineers at Hydra-Matic have also been working with the team to overcome the transmission issues which cropped up at the 'Baja 1000' and the shifting problem appears to have been resolved.

The Team HUMMER H1 crew, led by Brad Falin, have been burning the midnight oil to recover from the beating which the #8102 H1 took to finish second at the recent 'Baja 1000'. Brad feels that the pickup is "dialed in" and ready to take on 'Henderson Terrible's 400' with a freshly rebuilt suspension, including some major adjustments to the shocks.

Team Owner, Rod Hall will not be running the new Team HUMMER H3 SUV at this event. After his win at the 'Baja 1000' it was decided that we would upgrade the Vortec 3500 engine to provide more power and make some modifications to the suspension in an effort to get the more performance from the new truck in preparation for the 2006 racing season. While these changes are being implemented, Rod will be at Henderson in the role of Team Owner so the crew can focus their entire attention on the performance of the #8102 H1 Pickup and the #4103 H2 SUV.

Although there is rain in the forecast in Southern Nevada, Team HUMMER's enthusiasm has not been dampened...

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