With temperatures in the mid forty's, over 150 race teams paraded on to a dry lake bed south of Las Vegas early on Dec 1, for the final Best in the Desert event of the season. The entries in class 1500 were minimal but all four had all intentions of winning the event. Sam drew third out in class to transverse the three 73 mile laps.

Since adding the new fuel cell to the car earlier in the season, the TEAM had never had the chance to see how far we could make it without a fill up. There wasn't any concern as Sam completed the first lap still in third place. Toward the end of the second lap, calculators were ablaze as we tried to verify our thoughts that we could make it all the way but as Sam entered the pit area to start the last lap, the decision was made to stop for a quick gulp just for a little insurance.

Into the third lap, Sam moved into second place in class and continued to pursue the first place car. At the finish line, Team Margarita had secured a second place finish and second place in class 1500 for the year. As Casey greeted Sam at the finish line, the crew gathered to congratulate him on his finish and watch as one rear tire gave up. Perfect timing!

The entire crew of Sam Berri Racing is looking forward to the 2002 season and wishes to thank the staff of BITD for another fantastic year. Or thanks also go out to our sponsors, crews, families and friends who made it possible.