Reinertson-Johnson Racing Run Fast -- End Early

The tenth anniversary of the longest off-road race in the United States, the Best in the Desert - TSCO Vegas-to-Reno Event, was billed as the best yet with the racecourse running through the Ely BLM district. This gave the competitors miles of new race trails.

RJR has had success in this point-to-point race with the team winning the Protruck division 2003 edition of this grueling event. After winning the Baja 500 and placing well at the Pike's Peak Hillclimb (4th), everyone at RJR was very optimistic for a solid finish.

The start of the 600-mile event had Rob Reinertson driving with Mike Salimbeni riding in the co-driver's seat. Just past halfway Rick Johnson and Dewey Lamora would finish the trek to the finish just outside of Reno.

Rob and Mike immediately got into a rhythm and made great time heading into the first pit stop. About twenty miles before the first stop the #1234 Proline Accessories, RMR Construction, Motion Tire, Ford F-150 Protruck caught another class competitor and began to look for a way through the dust and around the other truck. The first pit stop at mile 80 (Hiko Narrows) saw the RJR team work so quick that they got out in front of the truck they were behind coming into the stop.

With clean air on the trail, Rob was able to really pick up the pace. As the #1234 passed mile marker 132 at Pit 3, the team was the second Protruck on the course, but leading the class on overall time.

Suddenly at mile 139, the distributor gear failed, stopping the truck in its tracks. The crews located another distributor, quickly replaced it and send Rob and Mike down the trail. Unfortunately the replacement unit had also seen better days and failed a few miles later.

This ended the day early for the #1234 Proline Accessories RMR Construction Motion Tire Ford F-150 Protruck.

"The truck was awesome today, the crew was incredible, and to make up a position in the pits was like a NASCAR race. The distributor failure was something that rarely happens, it was just one of those things. The pace we were going and not have a flat says a lot about our Yokohama tires. I thought we could challenge for the Protruck win." commented Rick Reinertson.

Next Race -- September 8-10 -- SCORE PRIMM 300 -- Primm, NV