Mesquite to Ely, Nev. (July 10, 2000) - Day 2 of 6
Distance - 283 miles

Day 2 Race

For the second day in a row, Larry Roeseler piloted the Toyota Tundra desert off-road truck for the Toyota/Precision Preparation Inc. (PPI) Motorsports team. Based on the results from Day 1 on Sunday, June 9, Roeseler started sixth behind three fellow "Trick Truck" class vehicles and two Class 1500 Unlimited buggies [each vehicle starts one minute behind the previous vehicle - overall time is corrected]. Despite an extremely dusty track in the southern Nevada desert, Roeseler was able to move his way up to fourth place on the course by his first pit stop near the town on Caliente, Nev.

Roeseler soon passed Brian Collin's Trick Truck and closed the gap on the front-running truck of Larry Ragland and the Class 1500 buggy of Troy Herbst despite having to make an unscheduled pit stop for a flat tire. After accounting for the correct time split (based on one-minute staggered start) Roeseler finished the day third to Ragland and the Herbst Trick Truck of Tim and Ed Herbst. Overall after two days of racing, the Toyota/PPIM off-road truck is second overall, with an unofficial time of two minutes, seven seconds behind Ragland.

Day 3 of the Nevada 2000 will see Roeseler's teammate - Ivan "Ironman" Stewart - behind the wheel of the Toyota Tundra. Stewart will race the 269-mile leg from Ely to Elko, Nev.

Larry Roeseler:
"The dusty terrain was definitely an issue again today. The pace this morning was pretty slow. I got caught in a pack after our first pit stop, but overall we are in great shape after two days and four long days to go. Now I get to chase Ivan tomorrow."

"In a six-day race like this, I pay attention to what the split times are for the other front runners, but I don't obsess over it. I just try to drive my own race and get into a groove."

"My experience in racing motorcycles all those years, where you don't get to pre-run the course much, is really helping me here since we're pretty much seeing the course for the first time as we race it."

"I'm having a great time racing my first event with this Toyota/PPIM team. They're just awesome. Drivers get most of the credit in racing, but it's a team sport all the way. Just like Jeff Gordon couldn't win a single NASCAR race without his guys, I think our guys are even more important in off-road racing."

Day 3 (July 10, 2000): Ely to Elko, Nev. - 269 miles