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The Las Vegas 200 was the season ender for the 2000 season and it was promoted as "A Race Through Indian Land." Casey Folks and the BITD crew have been hard at work with the Vegas office of the BLM, and most importantly the Moapa Indian Tribe,...

The Las Vegas 200 was the season ender for the 2000 season and it was promoted as "A Race Through Indian Land." Casey Folks and the BITD crew have been hard at work with the Vegas office of the BLM, and most importantly the Moapa Indian Tribe, for well over a year in the effort to make the race come together. On contingency row day, the first sign of a problem appeared as it appeared that an employee of the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) with environmental tendencies took it upon themselves to cancel the agreements between the Moapa Tribe, the BLM, and the BITD organization that governed the race. The new course had drawn a lot of attention from the off-road community and the BLM, the Tribe and the entrants were all eager to start the event.

While Casey and the local BLM officials were in contact with the Governor, and both Senators from Nevada, their hands were tied as to any relief or assistance. This was a matter of the BIA and the authority it exerts over what are supposedly "Tribal Lands." The officials of BITD had to scramble to re-route the course and continue the event on BLM lands.

BITD will have a complete race report and official results at the beginning of the new year. Happy Holidays to everyone in the off-road community and all of our fans. The 2001 schedule has been posted.

<pre> Unofficial Results

Trucks & Buggies Class 1000: 1) James Cochran, Arcadia, CA, Frank Omboli, Mira Loma, CA, William Snyder, Riverside, CA, Amanda Vilencio, Sparks, NV 2) Eddie Saxton, Nicole Saxton, Jeremy Gubler, Las Vegas, NV

Class 1200: 1) Kevin McGillivray, Agua Dulce, CA, Louis Navarro, Canyon Country, CA, Don Angel, Mesa, AZ. 2) Rick Johnson, George Ringlstetter, Barstow, CA, Lee Perfect, Oak Hills, CA. 3) Steve Barlow, Temecula, CA, Steve Reeves, Simi Valley, CA, Mike Dubrevil, Moorpark, CA.

Class 1400: 1) Lonny Helmbolt, Henderson, NV, Shannon Switzer, N. Las Vegas, NV 2) Jesse Jones, Litchfield Park, AZ, Travis Williams, Goodyear, AZ

Class 1500: 1) Nick Baldwin, Robby Gordon, Laguna Hills, CA, Ronnie Gillespie, Garner Ville, NV 2) Ed Stewart, San Clemente, CA, Tim Scalzo, Rick Scalzo, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Class 3000: 1) John Swift, Oxnard, CA, Andy Waters, Moorpark, CA, Colin Stuffman, Malibu, CA

Class 3100: Mike Falkosky, Allen Seligson, Wayne Wolar, Ramona, CA, Brian Wicka, Escondido, CA 2) Jeth Snyder, Anthony Napoleon, Brandon Hughes, Las Vegas, NV, 3) Marc Winocur, Oceanside, CA, Dave Turner, Mike Compton, Hemet, CA

Class 4100: 1) John Sunderland, John A. Sunderland, Valley Center, CA, Buddy Crisp, Crestline, CA, Victor Lievanos, San Marcos, CA 2) Marc Stein, San Diego, CA, Mike McComas, San Jacinto, CA, Chris Tartar, Lakeside, CA, Travis Walser, Hemet, CA

Class 5100: 1) Johnny Alexander, Highland, CA, Bill Fox, Grand Terrace, CA

Class 7100: 1) Terry Brown, Bill O'Brien, San Diego, CA, Mark Cowan, Craig Stewart, Santee, CA, Peter Treydte, Glendora, CA, Dave Sickels, Encinitas, CA. 2) Malcolm Vinje, Michie Vinje, Jim Gilchrist, San Diego, CA, Terry DuTemple, Vista, CA 3) John Baker, Seal Beach, CA, Renee Baker, Costa Mesa, CA, Greg Warren, Trabuco Canyon, CA.

Class 7200: 1) Craig Turner, Orange, CA 2) Kevin Kraack, Placentia, CA, Steve Robledo, Las Vegas, NV, Tim Javorik, Fullerton, CA 2) Kelly McNeil, John McNeil, Duane McNeil, Reece McNeil, Mesa, AZ 3) Michael Kelly, Winfield, MO, Robert Halbman, St. Louis, MO, William Lange, Lockport, IL, Douglas Patrick, Rock Hill, MO.

Class 7300: 1) Steve Williams, Carson, CA, Charles Braden, Torrance, CA, John Moore, Anaheim, CA, Tim Flickinger, Lemon Grove, CA 2) Rob MacCachren, Steve Olliges, San Remben, Las Vegas, NV, Rob Brecheisen, Henderson, NV 3) Aaron DIxon, Ian Dixon, Lompoc, CA

Class 8000: 1) Kyle Taylor, San Jacinto, CA, Gordon McKiel, Palm Springs, CA 2) Dave Westhem, Anthony McCormack, Chuck Harris, Dave Karasik, Las Vegas, NV 3) Keith Fontana, Chris Fontana, Corte Madera, CA, Erik Williams, Ron Lammer, San Rafael, CA.

Class 8100: 1) Jeremy Spirkoff, Nancy Shearer, La Mesa, CA, Ken Reynolds, Jamul, CA, Bill Holmes, Malibu, CA 2) Manny Esquerra, Tudy Joe Esquerra, Parker, AZ, Anthony Brown, Van Nuys, CA 3) Greg Foutz, Steve Wheeler, Mesa, AZ, Darryl Robinson, West Frankfort, IL, Mike Leavitt, Glendale, AZ

Motorcycles Open Pro: 1) Ty Davis, Hesperia, CA, Kurt Caselli, Palmdale, CA, 2) Jonah Street, Ellensburg, WA, Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, CA 3) Destry Abbott, Brian Brown, Irvine, CA

Over-30 Pro: 1) Daryl Folks, Boulder City, NV, Rick Bozarth, Portland, OR 2) Darrol Brown, Yerington, NV, Kevin Brown, Reno, NV

250 Pro: 1) Danny Cooper, Matt Gosnell, Las Vegas, NV

Open Expert: 1) Jacob Phillips, Wade Phillips, Lance Stein, Needles, CA 2) Chad Houck, Vista, CA, Stephen "Tex" Mitchell, San Marcos, CA 3) Doug Chiapuzio, Don Chiapuzio, Camarillo, CA

Ironman Expert: 1) Greg Zitterkopf, Grand Junction, CO

Over-30 Expert: 1) Brian Cunningham, Lakewood, CA, Earl Desiderio, Henderson, NV 2) Richard Hersh, David Wilson, Las Vegas, NV 3) Davis Slade, La Mesa, CA, Steve Carver, Lakeside, CA

250 Expert: 1) Rich Jesse, Chicago, IL, Mike Roth, Scottsdale, AZ, 2) Nick Thom, Albany, CA, Bret Ajax, Sonoma, CA, 3) Eric Caudillo, Michael Caudillo, Lancaster, CA

Over-35 Expert: 1) Vincent Reger, Cortney Whipple, Las Vegas, NV, 2) Craig Huffer, Willy Hopkins, Golden Valley, AZ, Skipp Cohenour, Lake Havasu City, AZ, 3) Kurt Sofka, Orange, CA, Tom Burba, Garden Grove, CA

Over-40 Expert: 1) Rhett Higgins, Fullerton, CA, Steve Argubright, Northridge, CA, Steve Smotherman, Lenoa Valley, CA, 2) Bill Pallotto, Moreno Valley, CA, John Karell, Orange, CA

Over-48 Expert: 1) Howard Larson, Auburn, WA, Jerry Allen, Lake Stevens, WA

4-Stk U Expert: 1) Bruce Steigelman, Perris, CA, Randy Reames, Orange, CA

250 Amateur: 1) Jason Goimanac, Josh Downard, St. George, UT, Jason Weeks, Providence, UT, 2) Mike Kaplan, Tujunga, CA, 3) Jerry Fisher, Morongo Valley, CA

Ironman Amateur: 1) John Strong, Tacoma, WA

Open Amateur: 1) Jim Rigsby, Carson City, NV, Larry Ogden Jr., Yerington, NV, 2) Bernard Oresti, Atlanta, GA, Glenn Lexent, Roswell, GA, 3) Bill Clarey, Newport beach, CA, Scott Clarey, Balboa Island, CA

Over-30 Amateur: 1) Steve Pankas, Las Vegas, NV, Richard Purvines, henderson, NV, 2) James Henderson, Auday Salem, El Cajon, CA

Over-35 Amateur: 1) Don Hutchinson, Riverside, CA, Malcolm Wood, Foothill Ranch, CA, 2) Ernie Allsup, Phoenix, AZ, Andy Allsup, Scottsdale, AZ, Steve Racer, Glendale, AZ, 3) Bill Whitt, Rahn Zaccari, Ouray, CA

Over-40 Amateur: 1) Marty Smith, Garden Grove, CA, Bill Gillan, Los Angeles, CA

4-Stk U Amateur: 1) Curtis Moon, Las Vegas, NV, Jamie Graham, Henderson, NV Over-40 Pro: 1) Steve Pitts, Clinton, UT, Charlie barney, Sunland, CA

125-Amateur: 1) Lance Fisher, Kevin Fisher, Monongo Valley, CA

Quads 0Quad Pro: 1) Eric Hayes, Henderson, NV, Joshua Frederick, Moapa, NV 2) William Yokley, Tompkinsville, KY, Kim Kuhnle, Newberry, OH, 3) Michael Cafro, Encinitas, CA

Quad Expert: 1) Mike Johnson, San Diego, CA, Jason Rayburn, Apple Valley, CA, 2) Todd Hunter, Russ Ramsey, Las Vegas, NV 3) Bret Greenholz, Elijah Conner, Mike Berichon, Las Vegas, NV

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