HENDERSON, Nev. -- Las Vegas native Rob MacCachren has had a target on his back for over two-decades of his racing career. It will be no different for MacCachren during this year's annual Henderson's Terrible 300 desert race held Dec. 4 in the Eldorado Valley located between Henderson and Boulder City.

Not only have race officials placed a bounty on him in the Class ½ 1600 -- meaning the first driver in that class to beat MacCachren in the Henderson's Terrible 300 will receive a $1,500 bonus -- MacCachren is also racing for the Best in the Desert Association's points title in his Class 7300 truck. He will be the first racer in the history of Best in the Desert to race in two classes during one race.

"I like challenges," said MacCachren, who has over 100 race wins in his career, including winning the prestigious Baja 1000. "We've won a lot of races over the years and you keep wanting to do things nobody else has ever done. This is one of those opportunities to kind of put your name on something."

MacCachren is considered one of the desert's best racers ever -- and for good reason. In 2001, after winning four championships with four different promoters in one season, MacCachren was named Driver of the Year by the American Auto Writers and Broadcasters Association. Last week, MacCachren was once again named a finalist for the 2004 Driver of the Year award.

He will enter Henderson's Terrible 300 in third place overall in the Class 7300 division with a chance of winning the overall title. After opening the season with a DNF (did not finish), MacCachren has won three straight races putting him in the position for yet another title.

There is good reason a bounty has been place on him in the Class ½ 1600 division. In nine overall races this year, he has finished first seven times.

"I'm honored to have a bounty placed on me -- it's a challenge," MacCachren said. "There are obviously a lot of people who are going to be out there trying to beat me and that's a good thing. At the same time, I want to win."

MacCachren will start the race driving the Class ½ 1600 and will turn the driving duties over to teammate Danny Anderson, who will finish the race in the buggy. MacCachren will then take over the driving duties in the Class 7300 truck from Steve Olligess.

"It's tough to win both races," MacCachren said. "But that's what we are striving to do."

Best in the Desert Racing Association will both produce and sanction the event, which will feature cars, trucks, buggies, motorcycles and ATV's. It will be the sixth and deciding race of the Best in the Desert Racing Association's six-race series in the southwest. The number of entries for the race is expected to reach 200 this year.

The race, which is sponsored by the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau, Herbst Gaming and the city of Boulder City, will take place in the Eldorado Valley located between Henderson and Boulder City. There will be two courses -- one for motorcycles and ATV's and one for cars and trucks -- running in a figure-eight style. The start-finish line will be positioned off of Nevada Highway 95, near the Railroad Pass exit, so spectators will be able to view both courses at the same time.

The schedule of events includes:

Thursday -- Time trials (2-6 p.m.)
Pre-race party drawing at Terrible's Bowling Alley (6-9 p.m.)

Friday -- Pre-fun run (8-11 a.m.)
Tech and contingency on Water Street (4-9 p.m.)
Charity silent auction on Water Street (4-8:30 p.m.)
Concert on Water Street (5-9 p.m.)

Saturday -- Race (7 a.m.-5 p.m.)
Race awards at the Henderson Convention Center (7:30-10 p.m.)

Sunday -- Best in the Desert year-end awards at the Henderson Convention Center (9-11 a.m.)

All events are free for spectators.

For more information regarding Henderson's Terrible 300, visit www.bitd.com.

For more information on the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau, call (702) 267-2171, or toll free (877) 775-5252, or visit www.visithenderson.com.