Best in the Desert announces time trials for start position for the 2003 Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425"

Las Vegas, Nevada ~ Best In The Desert Racing Association announces an exciting new format addition to the Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425"! The Best In The Desert is going to run a TIME TRIAL event, open for Car and Truck entries. The "Time Trials" will determine START POSITION for the race and the TOP 20 Car and Truck entries will START in the order in which they placed in the "Time Trials" and the additional Car and Truck entries will start in their traditional order by Class. This is a very exciting format because it gives the Car Classes an opportunity to start before the Trick Truck Class, which is traditionally first off the line. The Trick Truck Class and the 1500 Unlimited Car Class have always battled for "Who's the fastest off-road race vehicle." The Trick Truck Class vehicles have more horse-power, are much heavier and do better on the long roads and through big holes and the Unlimited Cars are more nimble and are typically faster through the tight and technical sections. Either way, it's always a fun battle to watch!

The "Time Trials" will be held on Thursday, February 6, 2003, beginning at 2pm, in Parker, Arizona. The "Time Trials" will be set up as a timed event in a four-mile section of Osborne Wash. Again, the Top 20 Winners of the "Time Trials" will start in that order! If a race entry does not attend the "Time Trials" they will be placed in order of a draw Thursday Night by Class. It is not mandatory to attend the "Time Trials" but very advantageous to start as close as possible to the front of your class. The Time Trials will be open for spectating too! Invite your friends and family, tell them to bring a picnic and they can watch the first exciting happening of an incredible off-road race happening, the Parker "425".

The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425" will Start on Main Street in Parker, Arizona, on Saturday, February 8, and Finish along the beautiful Colorado River at the Blue Water Resort & Casino. Not only is the Blue Water Resort & Casino a beautiful property and right on the river, but finishing the race along the mighty Colorado is going to be an awesome experience, an experience and an adventure you won't want to miss! The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425" Registration, Contingency and Technical Inspection for will be held on Friday, February 7, 2003 For more information please contact Diane DeLauer at Best In The Desert, 3475 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89121, (702) 457-5775, (702) 641-2431 fax,, ~ (October 21, 2002)