Who's Who in Off-Road Racing is racing the Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425"
-The Race to Race in 2003-

Las Vegas, Nevada ~ The buzz is "The Parker "425"!!! The buzz is "We're racing the Parker "425"!! Everyone's talking about the Parker "425", and it sounds like everyone's racing the Parker "425". It has already been established that the Parker "425" is the race to race in 2003! The word is out, the phone is ringing off the hook at the Best In The Desert office, and everyone's excited. "I haven't seen this much excitement about a race in a long time," says Casey Folks, Director of Best In The Desert, "it is definitely going to be the Who's Who of off-road racing! No question about it, it will be the "Best of the Best" at the Parker event. I've heard from people I haven't heard from in years talking about the Parker event, they are all making plans to race!"

Early entry list:
Danny Anderson
Dan/Jim Beaver
Pat Dean
Jim Dizney
Dale Ebberts
Manny Esquerra
Doug Fortin
Greg Foutz
John Gaughan/
BJ Richardson
Glenn Greer
Jerry Greer Jr.
Tommy Greer
Robbie/Mike Groff
Chad Hall
Rod Hall
Ed/Tim Herbst
Troy Herbst
Chuck Hovey
Damen Jefferies
Casey Jones
Jesse Jones
Mike Julson/
Bob Lofton
Curt LeDuc
Rob MacCachren/
Steve Olliges
Kevin McGillivray
Mark McMillin
Scott McMillin
Mark Miller
Gail/Noah/Matt Pike
Mark Post
Larry Ragland
Larry Roesler
Steve/Matt Scaroni
Ed Stewart
Steve Sourapas
Marc Stein
Scott Steinberger
Steve Strobel
John Swift
Kyle Taylor
Malcolm Vinje
Gary Vosburg
Shawn Wanzek
Mark/Gary Weyhrich
Randy Wilson

The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425" will be a 140-mile loop and will be raced three times. The racecourse has 35 miles of new course, Shea Road/Osborne Wash has been opened for spectators and is going to be promoted as the best place to watch the best racers in off-road racing, also the best part of the Gauntlet will remain and be opened for spectators! The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425" event will be billed as the "The Legend Lives On" and will have appearances from famous off-road legends and the vehicles these legends raced in. In addition to appearances by Rod Hall, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, Parnelli Jones and Larry Roeseler, KJ Howe will also participate, the man who started the Mint "400"! The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425" event will be on February 7, 8, 9, 2003, for Cars and Trucks, with a one-day pre-fun run on Sunday, January 5, 2003.

The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425" will finish along the beautiful Colorado River. Not only is the Blue Water Resort & Casino a beautiful property and right on the river, but finishing the race along the mighty Colorado is going to be an awesome experience, an experience and an adventure you won't want to miss! The Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker "425" Registration, Contingency and Technical Inspection for will be held on Friday, February 7, 2003 For more information please contact Diane DeLauer at Best In The Desert, 3475 Boulder Highway, Las Vegas, NV 89121, (702) 457-5775, (702) 641-2431 fax, bitd@worldnet.att.net, www.bitd.com. ~