Barcelona Welcomes Doubble Event For Off Road Fans!

The VI Enduro Indoor and XV International Supercross are coming to Barcelona.

The next 14th of November the VI edition of the Enduro Indoor will take place in the Palau Sant Jordi, and only one week later, 21st of November, in the same Palau Sant Jordi the XV edition of the Supercross International of Barcelona will rock and roll.

This year the Spanish riders will have the possibility of demonstrating their great level in both competitions. In the Enduro Idoor, riders like Arnau Vilanova, Xevi Puigdemont, and our better trick, Iván Cervantes, will have to adapt to the new system of competition that now presents 3 groups instead of 2, and the best one of each group will enter to the great final. Once again the Palau Sant Jordi will be the place for a great spectacle, where the riders will have to demonstrate their skill at great speed in a very complicated circuit. In addition to this modification, the organizers of the event have opened the doors to a new category for the best young riders of the Spanish Championship.

Only a few days after the conclusion of the Enduro Indoor, the International Suprercross Indoor of Barcelona will start up, where the best specialists in Supercross as in freestyle will see themselves. A complicated track and spectacular jumps secures a great competition, where Spanish riders as Dani Torres and Sidney Andrés will fight for the podium, but that will not be easy since the 3 first classified of the IFMA Freestyle Motocross: Jake Windham, Myles Richmond and Beau Bamburg, have assured their presence in this competition. This year once again the one in charge to design the circuit will be Jean-Luc Fouchet. Like in the Enduro, the Supercross also will feature some changes in the competition scheme; the categories of 125 and 250 will consist for the first time of 4 heats: two semifinals, a second chance to qualify, and a final for each piston categories. Finally the great final, where the eight best riders of each category will fight for the victory.