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Most recent NHRA photos:

Greg Anderson
Warren Johnson (left) and Greg Anderson Warren Johnson
Warren Johnson Greg Anderson (left) and Kurt Johnson
Greg Anderson Kurt Johnson
Warren Johnson (left) and Richie Stevens Jr. Richie Stevens Jr.
Greg Anderson (left) and Mike Edwards Mike Edwards
Jeg Coughlin Jr. (left) and Richie Stevens Jr. Richie Stevens Jr.
Larry Morgan (left) and Warren Johnson Warren Johnson
Erica Enders (left) and Kurt Johnson Kurt Johnson
Jeg Coughlin Jr. (foreground) and Greg Stanfield Jeg Coughlin Jr.
Greg Anderson (foreground) and former NBA star Tom Hammond Dave Connolly (foreground) and Kurt Johnson
Dave Connolly Allen Johnson (foreground) loses to Warren Johnson on a red light start
Allen Johnson Jason Line (foreground) and Erica Enders
Jason Line Richie Stevens Jr. (foreground) and Jim Yates
V. Gaines (foreground) and Larry Morgan V. Gaines
Brandon Bernstein
Brandon Bernstein (left) and Doug Herbert met in the final round Doug Herbert
Brandon Bernstein (left) and Doug Foley Brandon Bernstein
Doug Herbert (left) and Bob Vandergriff Jr. Bob Vandergriff Jr.
Doug Foley (right) and Cory McClenathan Doug Foley
Brandon Bernstein (left) and Doug Kalitta Brandon Bernstein
Bob Vandergriff (left) and Brady Kalivoda Hillary Will (right) lost to Doug Herbert with a red light start in Round 2
Hillary Will Doug Herbert
Melanie Troxel (foreground) lost to Doug Foley with a red light start in Round 1 Melanie Troxel