SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (September 10, 2009) -- Team Wilkerson Racing has announced the extension of the organization's primary marketing sponsorship, with Levi, Ray & Shoup, through the 2010 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing season. 2010 will mark the 11th consecutive season for the program, which features popular Funny Car contender Tim Wilkerson as the team's owner and driver.

Levi, Ray & Shoup, a leading provider of information technology solutions, web services, and enterprise output management, has creatively utilized the Wilkerson Funny Car to promote its products and services, entertain clients, and develop new customer relationships via the unique hands-on environment created at NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing events. In addition, the company regularly utilizes Wilkerson to make in-person appearances at conferences, meetings, and corporate functions.

"Our relationship with Tim Wilkerson and his Funny Car team has been a mutually beneficial one from early on in this program," said Dick Levi, President of LRS, Inc. "Tim is a terrific ambassador for our company, and his on-track success has done a great deal to widen our corporate visibility, but the key to us has always been finding ways to utilize the Funny Car to drive business. With each passing year, the race team and LRS have done an increasingly better job of managing that, and our first-class hospitality center, right in the team's pit area, is a key part of our overall marketing strategy.

"In today's challenging environment, we need to make sure we're implementing the best possible marketing tools, and getting the best return on our investment when we do so. Team Wilkerson is simply a great asset for us, and we're looking forward to racing, and winning, with Tim in 2010 as we keep building on the momentum we've established."

Team Wilkerson, like LRS, is based in Springfield, Ill., and that hometown connection is another positive attribute from which the program benefits. Being so close to corporate headquarters, Wilkerson is better able to work with his primary marketing partner on a consistent basis, and often takes advantage of his proximity to keep the sponsorship moving forward.

"Being here in Springfield, with Dick Levi and LRS headquarters just a few minutes away, I'm able to spend more time with them, away from the race track, than a lot of other team owners or drivers can with their sponsors," Wilkerson said. "We've built a really great relationship that starts with business and ends with business, but in the middle there is a lot of friendship and trust, not just between Dick and myself, but our whole team and their whole company. We've all found ways to be important partners in this deal, and that's about as good as it gets when you're talking about a primary sponsor.

"Our goal for the rest of 2009, and then on into 2010, is to keep running strong while we represent LRS to the best of our abilities. We know it's about far more than just winning laps on the race track, and our group is constantly looking for ways to make this program better for everyone. We're honored to move forward with LRS, and we'll just keep working as hard as we can to be a valuable part of their business."

-credit: twr