Western Stabilization Racing
Redline Oil/Jelly Belly Candies

Jones looking to end year with a bang

POMONA, Calif. - This weekend, the NHRA Winston Drag Racing tour heads into it's final venue, the AAA Auto Club Finals in Pomona, Calif. There, sophomore Federal Mogul Dragster driver Paul Jones and the Western Stabilization team will be looking for their first career win with the assistance of veteran tuner George Santos, father of five time World Champion Rick Santos.

Jones, from Stockton, Calif., enters this weekend's event on the heels of several successful outings in the Edgecomb family owned Blown Alcohol Dragster, yet has no wins to show for it. Jones and team feel the performance is there, and is only a matter of time before they find the winner's circle. Doing it in their home state of California at the last race of the year would just make it that much sweeter.

"Despite the fact that we didn't do so well last weekend in Vegas, we learned a lot," said Jones. "That's what we are looking to do here at the end of the season: learn a lot. We want to come out next season and really make a move up the standings, and run with the 'big boys.' I've talked to Dave and Larry Edgecomb, and we're going to go out there [Pomona] with a little bit different set up, and we think we might be going in the right direction. We have four qualifying laps at this race, so we might try something a little different on one or two of them, and see if we can get this thing to do what we know it's capable of doing."

"The car has always ran real hard down low, we're just trying to get this car to run on the 'big end' [final part of track]," Jones added. "This is one of the best cars out there to half track, we just need to get it to charge on the big end. If we can get that to come together, and I do my job driving, we should have no problem going right to the top of the heap this weekend."

Jones also cites part of his success as a driver this year to the strong support of the Edgecomb family, and sponsors Western Stabilization, Redline Oil, and Jelly Belly Candies.

"Edgecomb Racing - they have really stuck through this; they have been doing this for the last few years," commented Jones. "Things are starting to look like they are coming together for the team. They put a lot of effort into this team. They go into every race with the attitude that we have as good a shot as anybody to win the race. Larry Edgecomb, Sr., who is the spearhead of this whole thing, has been doing this for many years, and every time he comes out here, he has the attitude that this is going to be our weekend. His two boys 'L' [Larry, Jr.] and Dave have the same type of attitude, as do our sponsors Western Stabilization, Redline Oil, and Jelly Belly. It's just a matter of getting out there and doing what we are capable of doing."

Since it is the last race of the year, Jones and team plan to hold nothing back from the competition this weekend.

"There's a couple of guys out there that we want to 'pay back' so to speak," stated Jones. "It's our turn, is one way to put it. We're not going to hold back. We need to show our sponsors what we are made of."