In the open round Troy Coughlin and Bruce Allen battled. The two were the seventh pair of the first round. The win light came on in the other lane. Troy ran a 6.916 at 199.14 mph.

"I had the best season of my career and I am already looking forward to next season."

Jeg Coughlin and his feared yellow and black Oldsmobile Cutlass faced off against Kenny Koretsky in round one. Jeg left first (.456 to .501) and never looked back. He ran a 6.864 at 199.20 mph and won by .370 seconds at the stripe. Jeg also reset his own track record.

"I could feel the car pulling all the way through the gears," said Jeg. "I knew that we were on a good pass and the numbers obviously showed it. The guys have done a great job fine tuning our set up."

In the second round Jeg went head-to-head against Bo Nickens. Jeg had lane choice and stayed in the left lane, which has been the preferred lane. The starting line advantage went to Coughlin by .026 seconds (.453 to .479). Jeg left the beams like a bullet. He ran a 6.862 at 199.40 mph. Nickens was forced to shut of and watch the Champ take the win light.

"The guys have this Jeg's machine flying," stated Jeg. "Our goal was to get lane choice for the semifinal round, which we did."

The semifinal round put Jeg and WJ in the ring against each other. Jeg stuck with the left lane for this classic match up. WJ left the line first by .011 seconds (.431 to .442). The yellow and black Jeg's machine was too much for WJ. Jeg took the win light by .010 seconds at the stripe. He ran a 6.875 at 198.96 mph.

"We have done a great job as a group getting as much as we could out of this car this weekend," said Jeg.

In the final round Jeg faced Kurt Johnson.  Jeg had lane choice and stayed 
with the left lane again.  Jeg left the line first by .001 seconds (.447 to 
.448).  Both cars were side-by-side all the way down the track.  The win went 
to Kurt.  Jeg ran a 6.887 at 199.55 mph.

"My hat goes off to our entire team they have been working hard all year long," said Jeg. "We came up a little short in the final, but our team had the best season and we are the Champs. Our entire program is looking forward to the start of the 2001 season."