Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals
Pomona Raceway
Pomona, CA

Team Jeg's Pro Stock Truck
Mike Coughlin
Saturday Qualifying

Mike Coughlin Poised for Big Finish in Pomona

The track conditions were noticeably better than prior sessions as the Pro Stock Trucks took to the quarter mile for the third round of qualifying at the Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals at Pomona Raceway.

Team Jeg's and Mike Coughlin entered the third session with hopes of launching the yellow and black S-10 into the No.1 spot. The Jeg's machine launched hard off the line and made a hard move right towards the wall. Mike guided the truck back into the groove and cruised to a respectable pass of 7.47 seconds at 181.52 mph.

"We were going for it on that pass," said Mike. "Unfortunately we got a little too aggressive. It wasn't a bad pass, but we knew that we could get our Jeg's Mail Order Chevrolet running quicker."

Team Jeg's stepped the program up in the fourth and final round of qualifying for the Auto Club of Southern California NHRA Finals in Pomona. Mike ran a 7.44 second elapsed time at 181.72 mph.

"The truck made a hard left off the line," said Mike. "We still had a good pass despite getting out of the groove. If we can get it running straight we should be in really good shape for tomorrow."

After four rounds of qualifying, Mike Coughlin rests in the eighth position. He will face off against Craig Eaton in first round action on Sunday.