BRAD JETER, JETER MOTORSPORTS CHEVY S-10, defeated TIM FREEMAN, KESSINGER MOTORSPORTS CHEVY S-10, in the final today, winning his first Pro Stock Truck title with a 7.660-second pass at 175.09 mph to Freeman's 7.708/175.33. This was Jeter's second final-round appearance this season. Jeter finishes the season third in points, jumping from fifth place following his win.

JETER: "I can't say enough about my crew. They have done a great job. They gave me a great Chevy S-10 every run. All I had to do was my job, and I couldn't be happier to have done it in front of the fans in Southern California." ON THE SECOND ROUND WIN AGAINST LARRY KOPP: "We knew going in that our side of the ladder was pretty tough. I knew If I got by Lingenfelter and Kopp we had a strong chance of winning. All these guys are tough out here. I can't explain how great I feel right now." ON NEXT SEASON: "I wanted to close this year with a win. We have been trying hard since we got good power (from a Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins Chevy V8 engine beginning in Memphis). I'm glad for all the people who have helped me this year. Closing the year with a win means a lot to me." CHEVROLET HAS BEEN VERY DOMINANT. WHY? "I don't think that they are that much more dominant, it's just all the people who are working with them. The guys have a better handle on things than the Dodges and Fords." DO THE CHEVYS HAVE AN AERODYNAMIC ADVANTAGE? "I don't think the aerodynamic advantage is that big a deal. They're all still going over 175 mph. The Dodges might be a touch behind. It will be a lot closer next year." ARE THE OTHER TEAMS LOOKING FOR THE BEST DEAL FROM A MANUFACTURER? "I don't think that's what's happening. Everyone next year is pretty much staying with what they had this year." DID YOU EXPECT FREEMAN TO LEAVE ON YOU IN THE FINAL? "No, I actually didn't expect him to leave on me. I kind of expected to leave on him and I kind of expected to run a little better than him. He got it on one end, I got it on the other end."

LARRY KOPP, ACCURATE BINDING/ARMA COATINGS/G-FORCE TRANSMISSIONS CHEVY S-10, the new Pro Stock Truck champion, was eliminated in the second round on a holeshot advantage by BRAD JETER, JETER MOTORSPORTS CHEVY S-10, 7.680/175.57 for Kopp, 7.692/174.35 (reaction times were .462 for Jeter, .512 for Kopp).

KOPP: ON WINNING HIS FIRST PRO CHAMPIONSHIP: "It just feels wonderful. I can't thank Chevrolet and all my sponsors enough for all the support they have given me. I hope next year I can carry on (the tradition)." ON NEXT YEAR'S PRO STOCK TRUCK PROGRAM: "With the support of Chevrolet behind my team and various other teams it's going to be outstanding for everybody. Chevrolet is going to promote more products next year and I look forward to trying out new parts and pieces." DO YOU SEE THE CLASS GROWING? "The more trucks coming on board the better it is for everybody." ON THE OPEN QUALIFYING FOR 1999: "In a professional category I don't think there should be any llimitations. I think it should be the fastest 16 trucks no matter what the brand. If I'm 14th or 15th I don't want to be out of the field because of that rule. It's not fair. But I'm not planning on being in the back of the field next year. I feel with Chevrolet's help I will be No. 1, 2 or 3 in qualifying every time."