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a new, subscription-based e-mail news service. ------------------------------------------------------------ E-Ticket! is your admission ticket to the fast lane of the information superhighway. NHRA Online's E-Ticket! service will offer NHRA race fans with personal computers and e-mail capabilities the chance to receive a weekly round-up of the latest drag racing news direct to their e-mail mailbox. This material, gathered by the well-connected staff of National DRAGSTER, drag racing's leading news weekly, will be transmitted a minimum of once a week but many times will be mailed on the very day the news breaks.

No more waiting for the Web browser to load, NHRA Today to air, or National DRAGSTER to travel the snail mail. Get the hot news while it's still hot!

E-Ticket! is offering a free two-week trial subscription. Get into the staging lanes now by sending a reply to NHRA Online at NDragster@aol.com.

If you like the front seat that E-Ticket! provides, a one-year subscription will be available for $20; NHRA members can receive a discounted subscription for $15.