RYCO Hydraulics Remains Primary Sponsor For Mickey Ferro In 2011

Houston, Texas -- Mickey Ferro is proud to announce that an agreement has been reached with RYCO Hydraulics to continue on with his Alcohol Funny Car Team throughout the 2011 drag racing season as their primary sponsor

"This year has been fantastic for us" said Ferro, "both races in Texas that we attended this year, Kevin Jones from RYCO Hydraulics of Houston was with us. Fortunately, at the end of those two events, Kevin joined us in the Winner's Circle.

"With so many great teams to choose from, it's truly a blessing for us that we are RYCO's choice within drag racing to continue to partner with."

"Ryco has been with Mickey and his team for several years" said Kevin Jones, "we are so proud to be a part of his organization and for the accomplishments that they have earned this year. For us to stay on board with him is a given for the 2011 racing season and beyond."

-source: mickey ferro PR