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Crew Chief RJ Godett supervises Cameron Millard's car while Michael Millard confers with his son. The JSR crew is hard at work
Michael & Cameron Millard listen to the download from Thomas Martin John Krebs oversees the crew activity during a break in the test
The JSR crew moves the #5 into position Cameron Millard, John Sellers Racing Team Manager John Krebs and Michael Millard confer.
Cameron runs down the backstretch Cameron Millard gets ready to climb in and get started testing
CAMERON MILLARD Cameron Millard & Thomas Martin on track
Cameron Millard gives a big thumbs up! Thomas Martin, John Krebs & Cameron Millard
Thomas Martin, John Krebs & Cameron Millard Randy Lathrop, Thomas Martin & Cameron Millard
Radio Check for Michael Shawhan Michael Shawhan speaks with John Krebs
Mike & Cameron Millard Mike Cesario & Cameron Millard
Michael Shawhan and John Krebs Michael Shawhan, Cameron Millard & Mike Millard do a little bench racing
End of the day smile from Michael Shawhan Loading the #5 JSR K&N West Stock Car
The #5 JSR stock car is ready JSR Car Chief Jake Koens
When John Krebs talks everybody listens. John Krebs makes some final checks while the drivers and crew get ready to go to the track
Charlie Silva & Randy Lathrop take care of business The Jack Sellers Racing cars and crew are ready to run
Cameron Millard, Mike Millard & John Krebs Cameron Millard & Thomas Martin
Cameron & Mike Millard Bill & Michael Shawhan
Nascar Euro Series Racers Drive support on Anthony Giannone's #54 K&N Pro Series stock car
Anthony & #54 car chief, Gil Munoz Anthony with engine tuner, Lee Schwartz & Crew Chief Mike Munoz
AG confers with his spotter, 2013 NASCAR Truck Champ, Matt Crafton